LOST, Season 3: "The Brig" [recap]

I first want to again apologize for this recap coming the same day the new episode will be dropping. I got this new temp. gig, and haven't really been on the PC as of late. Anyway, let's get to it...

Did you guys know beforehand that Cooper was the guy who drove Sawyer's father to murk his mom and himself? Exec Producers Damon and Carlton seem to think so, as they say in the latest Official LOST podcast, but I really don't see it. I mean, OK, they are the 2 main ones involved in cons, and situations like that can surely drive you do crazy fates, but I really don't think it was as pronounced as they might think it was. In any case, you could smell the whole setup from the beginning of the episode, which wasn't that cool. I mean, I knew Ben wasn't being held captive. Locke isn't that cold, or sneaky. And once Sawyer got "locked" (hah! nice pun!) into that room with Cooper, I figured out what was about to go down. Does that mean it was not executed well? Not at all... it basically means I'm too dedicated to the show! I'm such a fan, like many of you, that I can see where the main chunk of the ep is going to go...

There is one thing I loved seeing in "The Brig", though: Alpert. I so want him to be Slugworth (well, Mr. Wilkinson) of the Others, but from the hints the producers have dropped, do not be surprised if this splitting of the Others that is eminent (see Juliet's hatred for Ben, Alpert letting Sawyer know of Ben's intentions, etc.)... and Alpert will be one of the heads of any rebel faction against Ben. But who knows? I mean, from that tiny scene with Locke on the hill, you could read it straight: Alpert wants Locke to know he is special, and to prove something to Ben; or you could read it how I originally read it: Ben put Alpert up to it, to force Locke further down the rabbit hole. In any case, Locke took the bait: we see him at the end of this episode, walking with his father's dead body on his back; he says he is going to find his own way, and he is: and from the preview of "The Man Behind The Curtain", we will be learning much more about Hanso and/or DHARMA, and from the producer's own mouths, we will be learning more about Benjamin Linus, who is the man behind the curtain (lovely Wizard of Oz reference).

I don't pay too much attention to spoiler sites, couldn't even give you a link to ones I have checked in the past, but I believe we are to learn more about this mysterious JACOB character in the very near future. We are also going to find out that the survivors find out about Juliet's intentions (which kind of makes sense, since Sawyer is given the tape recorder he jacked from Ben)... but is everything really so cut and dry?

To get back to the island, I just want to bullet a few points:

  • Jack is a damned fool. Not only is this fool wanting to know EVERYTHING that is on the island, he is keeping his own secrets? I doubt he is working for the Others, but he knows something that is going to be detrimental... maybe he already knows Juliet's motives?
  • I'm glad that we now officially know that Penny Widmore was hunting for Desmond; I do not like how fucking mystical its getting though. You'd think that if they found out that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, that they'd have exhumed the bodies in the plane, no? They recovered mad bodies from the 9/11 site; why not pick up the plane from the ocean for proper burial? Is this customary?
  • The Naomi/Sayid bickering cracked me up. I loved her "remind me not to rescue you" line. I hope she is around for a while...
  • You like how Locke assumes that the Black Rock was steered TOWARDS the island. He has to have some idea of how Oceanic 815 got to the island (although I am starting to reconsider it just being the anamoly that brought the plane down), why would he automatically assume that the Black Rock MEANT to go to the island?
  • WTF is Rousseau doing with the dynamite?
  • Why the inclusion of Cooper's rantings of the island really being purgatory? This has been debunked for a while now... I guess I understand why he would think that, given how he ended up there... but why the persistance by the writers? Or is that a nod to the theorist and fanboys?
  • I liked how Ben threw Locke's "don't tell me what I can't do" line back at him... so fucking eerie, and interesting for sad fucks like myself.

On a totally non-episode note, ABC has let us know that LOST will be ending in 2010, which calculates to 3 more seasons of this masterpiece of a TV show. Best news I've heard in a while. This is exactly what we all need: a finite point, something to look forward to. And it gives the producers a timeline to show shit they always want to show, and weave it in without trying to figure out when and where to drop hints and clues and such.

For more info on this episode, check out LostPedia's synopsis. And if you are bored/looking for something interesting to read, peep MSN TV's LOST Death Pool.

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