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Cult Favorite - The Kingdom

Here's some shit I've been waiting on from Elucid and A.M. Breakups, aka Cult Favorite: "Elucid and A.M. Breakups present The Kingdom as a taste of what's to come, combining elements of dub, glitch, and industrial music. This may sound like a lot rolled into one spliff, but a single listen proves that Cult Favorite keep things rooted in NYC hip-hop, creating a vibe which remains unwaveringly Gutta.

Fresh off a few memorable performances in Austin, Cult Favorite (ELUCID X A.M. BREAKUPS) is proud to present the Kingdom Mix. We wanted to share this SXSW exclusive with everyone who didn't get their hands on the limited edition release pictured below. The Kingdom is a collection of new tunes introducing the high vibrational Cult Favorite brand of chaos rap magic".


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