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Rob Jay - Motivational Mondays

Rob Jay is more than just "that dope rapper that be spitting with Hollywood FLOSS sometimes." He's a grown-ass man who tries to teach you some things. About nine months ago he started using his YouTube page as a tool to highlight the other sides of an artist, be it marathon studio sessions or just detailing the crazy conversations rappers have. He also started up a "Motivational Monday" series, where he essentially gives people tool to help better themselves. From the concepts of "letting people in" and "getting by giving" to being active, prepared, and focusing on yourself, he's slid some tools out there that many of you might be able to enjoy.

While you may not have time to watch all of the videos, you do have time to listen. Here's a free download of 15 Motivational Mondays in MP3 format. Take these jewels and apply them to your lives, see where you may end up.

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay - Motivational Mondays

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