Seven-Year Itch

For the seven of you out there keeping score, rockthedub has turned seven-years-old today. Usually, I have some kind of compilation sorted out for this occasion. Do Androids Dance has occupied so much of my time, I've not been as active on RTD.

Call it the seven-year-itch.

Love this site, and I won't let it go (and I do make sure I'm posting things during the week), but I just didn't have the time. What I do have is a bunch of posts going up today. Not that anyone other than you seven care.

I do want to shout all of you out there: the folks who have been riding for years, the artists who have sent tracks or hit me up about pushing your music. Anyone who didn't believe. Anyone who slept. Everyone. I couldn't do any of this without you, and will continue to do it because of you. All of you.

Take a shot (or seven) for RTD. We're not going anywhere. Hell, we have a premiere dropping tomorrow. Fucks with us.


Mozz said...

#3 here. RTD Forever.

Globetrot Dones said...

appreciate you still keep RTD going fam, we need it!