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Milly Esquire ft. Kai-Marley "Niggas In Pajamas"

Shouts to Milly Esquire for bringing this back. Back in January of 2012, Hermon Mehari posted this video of "2 Niggas and a White Dude" playing "Niggas In Paris" in Paris. Just brilliant, jazzy rendition of the track. On the black Innernets, Milly Esquire was like "boom I got this." Then I forgot that he said that. Seriously, I've had a lot go on over the last year, and without an MP3, I don't know what the shit niggas doing.

Then a month or so ago he hits me like "bruh I know its been a minute, but I got that "Niggas in Paris" shit coming. And then he previewed "Niggas In Pajamas" for me. And it's brilliant. I mean, hell, if I didn't have to go to an office for work, I'd be a nigga in pajamas getting it on the computer. Throw in some classic Charlie Sheen clips and some bars from his homey Kai-Marley and you're, well, #winning. Be on the lookout for Millavelli, although I don't have a date for that (and don't want to give you one because you might choke me).


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