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St. Joe Louis "St. Joe Lotus Reloaded"

St. Joe Louis returns with 'St. Joe Lotus: Reloaded'. Emotionally darker than the last time we heard the NJ/Texas trio. Ever focused on the feelings minus the filler. It's a 6 song project that tries to grapple with the sacrifices we sometimes make to achieve success. Similar to its predecessor, this EP unites the group once again with some perfectly curated Flying Lotus production.

The title track 'Reloaded' addresses the groups renewed musical focus. As Michael Cardigan puts it "Never lonely/Success will be my best friend/Now I'm write back to the money like I'm texting." Not to be outdone Tommie Chase puts on a lyrical clinic on 'Getting There' while Elete Wright paints a tale of seduction on 'Night Blooming Jasmine.'



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