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Black Collar Biz ft. Big Ooh - "One Love"

Finally. Shouts to Black Collar Biz for letting ya boy let this one loose. He's been on that #HGA (aka High Grade Artistry) ish for a minute, and I'm glad. The moment we look at this music as ART, the more we start to take stock in what we're feeding the masses. On this, the first official look from #HGA, we find a KVZE-produced beat letting Trenton titans Big Ooh and Black Collar revisiting the same zone Nas was on the Illmatic track "One Love," but bringing things up to date. A couple of men talking out their feelings over a beat, illuminating the ills of today's struggle and the need of finding more. With the summer heating up, and the murder rate rising, you have to wonder... if someone had grabbed that trigger finger and pointed it in the direction of something positive, where would we all be? Life's way too short to get hung up on the bullshit. Pour something strong into a glass and lament on those gone, but then realize that the trife way isn't the only way.

I'm talking too much, though. Loop this one up and enjoy it. One love. Oh and if you can grab the track via this link or hitting "Buy" in the SoundCloud preview below.


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