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Skrewtape - Skumbag Millionaires

An unexpected thing happened when I hit the 2013 Jersey Fresh Jam, Skrewtape gave me a copy of Skumbag Millionaires. Seriously, there's a picture to prove that this finally exists. See, if you know Skrew, you know that he's everywhere. Dude's got a great balance of being fun-loving and cracking jokes, but when that crispy instrumental drops, he turns into an animal. Put a mic in his hand and its a wrap. Those two sides mean that he makes a lot of friends and acquaintances, and on Skumbag Millionaires, Skrew made sure that his hip-hop opus featured a sick line-up of some of Jersey's finest spitters and producers. That said, it makes sense that it's been roughly two years since the time I first heard about this project and when it literally hit my hands.

If you needed a glimpse at Jersey's finest, you could just look at the cast of characters on this tape: who else got Young Zee, Tone Liv, Pryme Prolifik, Mr. Fickle, Rich Quick, El Da Sensei, Expo, DJ Priority, Voss, Venomous, and a host of others on their project... with beats from J. Gainey, YFame, Mr. Green, A-$harp, and more? With support from Biz Mighty, Reef the Lost Cauze, Thirstin Howl III, Nems, Tame One, Miilkbone, and C-Rayz Walz?!?! But don't think that this is some random assortment of features; all rappers make sense on their tracks, and while they all shine, Skrew's wit and personality shines throughout. It's almost like you need a dot-connector like Skrew to put on for the state and make sure that this vision took shape.

Shit isn't easy, but it sure its fun. "Thelonius Skunk" has a sick title, a hypnotic beat, and a tough lead-off verse from Skrew himself, although the homey Biz Mighty murders. Apollo the Great and Mr. Fickle link up with Skrewtape to put on for Camden on the dusty drums of "RuN CMD," while "Flatline" has more of a reggae/dub vibe. The project flips, bounces, and challenges fans to dissect proper hip-hop beats and rhymes in an age where everything is dumbed down for digital means. You can blow something strong and get deep in thought or just crack a brew and chill with your squad to this... which is what it feels like Skrewtape did all over this project.

Skumbag Millionaires is $5 for digital download, $20 for physical (which comes with a dope t-shirt). Cop either via Bandcamp, and check out the video for the Miilkbone-featured "Backyard Boogaloo."


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