Kid Hum - Fossil Fuel 2

Damn. This week, I got an email from the homey Kid Hum saying he was putting out Fossil Fuel 2, his latest compilation of fiery beats he's been cooking in the oven. Thinking about the last five years really took me back to one of my favorite times in life: see, the first Fossil Fuel compilation helped me realize that this little fucking blog could really do some shit.

One day, Kid Hum hit me on some "I have this dope project, and want to get some movement behind it; how can I do that?" My answer? "It's instrumental, why not get a bunch of dope MCs to spit on it?" He liked the idea, and after about six months of connecting dots (back then, I was way more engrained into the hip-hop Internets than I am now), Offshore Drilling was born. That's the biggest thing I'd ever done on RTD to that point, and with a little love, peace, and elbow grease, the project even charted on CMJ.

It also helped birth the sort-of sequel compilation from The KhemLab two years later.

But enough of that. It's awesome to know that Kid Hum is still crafting dope beats; Fossil Fuel 2 is due out on Amazon on August 5, but you can stream the full compilation down below. Loving the sample-based structure (which is lost these days), and that Wesley Willis is all over this. Here's what Hum had to say:

"This album for me is a celebration of the years 1013, 1913, and 2013. It is a celebration of Bob Marley, John Coltrane, and the Great Lakes. It is a celebration of the Rocky Mountains, the ECCO program, John C. Lilly, and the invention of the Parachute."


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