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Young B Emcee Was 'Born Blessed'

"I keep the rapping cocky, but the deen humble." If you're not up on Young B Emcee, aka Brandon Young, you need to be. You've seen him before; he played reporter Mike Fletcher on the final season of The Wire, and has also been featured on shows like Bones and Do No Harm. He's an LA-based, Philly-born MC I've had my eyes on for a bit, though, and I'm glad he laced me with his new Born Blessed EP. He's that amazing mixture of lyrical swiftness and grown man assuredness that speaks to someone like me.

Everything on this is produced by Reverb except for the HaZ SOLO-produced "Speech is free.," which also has a video. It even features some real talk from Andre Royo, aka Bubbles from The Wire on a track called "Baltimore." You need this.


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