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A-Trak Breaks Down His DJ History on Juan Epstein

I'm not sure WHY, but this weekend I got deep into some Invisibl Skratch Piklz shit. Nothing truly prompted it, but I just had to relive some of those turntablism days. Of course it's after that that I heard that Q-Bert, D-Styles, and Shortkut linked back up to create the first ISP album in 20 years. Damn.

ANYWAYS, this made me dip back into A-Trak's appearance on Juan Epstein from a few weeks back. He goes ham on the history, letting you know how he got into shit, his favorite albums, how much he was making off of DJ records, and so much more. After you peep the podcast, check out the championship-winning set they played during this podcast after the jump.


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