Society Socks Will Lace You and Those In Need

Lowkey, your sock game is just as important as your hat game. If you're looking to pull a fit together, the right socks can make you go from "yeah, you look iight" to "fam, that 'fit is fresh af!"Plus, a pair of dope socks can help you perfect throwing your personality into your wears.

Society Socks does you one better: they will help you throw some flair into your wardrobe while also helping someone who is truly in need.

See, for every pair of socks that are copped, Society Socks, which is based in Toronto, donates a pair of socks to someone in need: "Socks are the least donated, but most needed clothing item. Since homeless shelters only accept new socks, it’s much more difficult to donate them compared to other used clothing. Society Socks will change this." It's a simple concept, but a dope way to a) get your feet looking right, and b) helping serve a need that largely goes unseen.

Their designs are fire, and all of their socks are priced just under $10. I got a few pairs of Society Socks myself, and I can't front, they are comfy and add something unique to my daily 'fit. Check out some of their styles below, then cop yourself a pair (or three)... for a great cause.

A photo posted by Society Socks (@societysockss) on

A photo posted by Society Socks (@societysockss) on

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