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The RTD Yearmix 2015

I was never into the whole "Yearmix" thing before DoAndroidsDance was a thing. There's something about EDM DJs doing huge "best of" mixes that always intrigued me; it's a great way to look back at what the hell you were doing over the last 12 months. I'm no DJ, though, and instead of resurrecting the RTD "Dub Sessions" for a year-end set, I started compiling these Year End playlists on SoundCloud in 2013, then came back for 2014. It's ill to see where my head (and the heads of my squad) were at for those years...always fire to find influence from people around you.

I say all of that to say I'm bringing the Yearmix style to rockthedub in 2015.

Here's a collection of tracks that I rocked with in 2015. It has some semblance of an order, at least in terms of how genres and vibes flow. It's made for your pregame before the real turnup, and hopefully you won't need to do too much skipping (although if your aim is to hear one particular pop set or the greatest rap tracks of the year, this isn't for you). This isn't anthem bashing. We have grime, hip-hop, footwork, drum & bass, some dubstep, house, and even some epic jazz in this sprawling 60-track playlist.

Hopefully this will help those of you who need a soundtrack but can't be arsed to make one.


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