Here's a Preview of Flume's Impressive New Album, 'Skin'

Flume's one of those artists that sticks out for me. I remember being VERY into his album when I first got to working at Complex in the fall of 2012; it got sent to me randomly, and then like six months later he was the producer on everyone's lips. Since then, he's become a producer that a lot of the new wave of SoundCloud soundboys crafted their style after, and he's back to retrieve his crown via his forthcoming album, Skin.

He's not given much info on the project, aside from the fact that it's "almost finished," and he has a new live show that he'll debut in the near future. For now, soak into this four-and-a-half-minute preview, which you can download for free. It sounds like a contender for most serene, beat-infested romp of 2016.


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