EQ Why is Calling Out the Footwork Scene on His 'New Track City' EP

Before I caught wind of EQ Why's brilliantly-named New Track City EP, I knew he was feeling some type of way regarding the way the footwork scene has changed. What started out as a Chicago thing has turned into a global thing, and like most global phenomenons, it's morphed into something else. Basically, you don't want the essence of a sound being lost.

With New Track City (which IS a homage to the 25th anniversary of New Jack City), you can hear EQ's feels in the first cut, "My Brother's Keeper." G Money's all "WE BUILT THIS SHIT, YOU DIDN'T DO THIS SHIT BY YOURSELF!" Who knows who EQ is throwing shots at directly, but he says that each track has a meaning.

You can stream the EP below, and cop it via Juno, although Good Street is offering both a CD version and a limited-edition t-shirt option as well. Do it up.


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