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Some Idiot Tried Passing Off Big Makk's Work As His Own

Image via Orlando Weekly

In August of 2016, the bass music community took a major loss, as Big Makk passed away after a horrific car accident. While his sound lives on in the music from artists like Palmer Reed, there are still some idiots who don't know how to a) make their own material and, more importantly, b) love to steal music and say that its theirs.

I'd seen a tweet from G Buck go up earlier today, but because I was on the clock, I hadn't gotten into it that deeply. Shouts to Nappy for enlightening me to the fuckery, which involved someone who goes by the name GRIF8 trying to pass a Makk tune off as his own.

At this point, it sounds like dude deleted whatever he posted on SoundCloud that was Makk's so there's no trace aside from the disdain that folks who actually fucked with Makk feel for him, but it appears that at some point, he tried passing off a "remix" of Big Makk's "Imma Rock" off as some original idea.

At the time of this writing, GRIF8 hasn't said anything about this fiasco, but with the caliber of DJs who are pissed off at him, he might need to just hang it up and find another profession.

This situation's gone from bad to worse for GRIF8 since people found out about his fuckery, and I for one love it.

Some folks will never learn. Sadly, I just gave dude's name some shine.

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DJ GriF8 said...

I posted a remix tribute on my SoundCloud. When I saw the comments on Twitter, I immediately asked what was wrong. I sincerely apologize. I never tried to sell this track or claim it as my own. If there was an impression that I was passing this off as my own, I sincerely apologize & deleted it. I would appreciate any future questions directed to me personally. Thank you. This was an innocent mistake & I corrected as quickly as I could. - DJ GriF8