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Bad Rabbits, Beautiful Music

My appreciation for Boston's Bad Rabbits is proof that I should leave the house more often. Recently, the homey Black Collar Biz opened for them during a dope edition of the Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series; I didn't get to catch Collar's performance live, but as I walked over to Mill Hill Park to take in the rest of the event, there was some futuristic funk slash rock slash R&B slash hip-hop vibes filling the air. It was everything I loved about my mom's '80s-era funk collection, mixed with a turnt, electrified stage presence, especially with their frontman Dua. When the show was over, I had to cop some of their music, which I recently just ripped for my travels.

Then I dipped over to their website and realized that, while you can (and should) cop physical copies of their music, a number of the releases are available for free (or whatever you want to pay) as digital downloads. I'm a few months behind, but the cut I included below ("Mysterious") currently has me going. It perfectly encapsulates what I dig about this outfit, and is something you need to get into...ASAP.


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