Download 10 Songs Star Slinger Put Out For Free This Year

Image via Facebook/Sara Rman

While the duties at my day job have gone from covering the electronic music scene to covering the world, I am still firmly checking out what's going on in the electronic music scene. One of the constants in my world has been Star Slinger, the UK house music maven that's been on quite a roll. We're talking 10 free tracks in 2017 (so far) kind of a roll.

He recently explained why he did this, and the reasoning isn't surprising. "I love to create & get things out there without the politics and waiting times I experience with record labels," he confesses. "Its just more fun & I can get feedback on my ideas quicker." If you feel like you've slept-on his output this year, he understands. "[T]here has been so many & I just put out into the world without making much noise on socials. I have been even toying with the idea of releasing music weekly!"

I figured it made sense to make a full playlist of the 10 tunes (well, nine and a dope mixtape) for those who might have missed them. You can download them all via his Bandcamp page (and, if you want to support, cop some merch). Perfect pre-game playlist, trust.


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