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Wishing I Was A Sneaker Head

Is it odd to wish I was a sneaker head? Cats like Dallas Penn and my other peers are HEAVY into the footwear game, and have been for a bit. I like simple shoes, but I'd like to have a LOT of simple shoes. I'm comfortable in shit like New Balances, but with all the walking I do on the daily, I can jack a pair of dope kicks up. I'm on that "wear them a few times then keep them hidden" kind of stee-lo. Same thing with the streetwear - I love dope t-shirts, but I try to keep my best pieces hidden. What's the point in that? Maybe I just need a job where I can get stupid paid for being at home, or going out to events, and have a chance to rock some dope pieces... dreams, eh? Until then, I guess I'll just be building my collection, piece by piece.

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