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Profane Brings the Experimental Funk on 'Final Version 38' EP

While Canada’s Profane has always delved into the breakbeat-heavy side of the drum & bass spectrum, his penchant for edited breaks have taken an interesting turn over the last few years. In August of 2017, his single “Drughms” sounded like a gospel band doing a number of different drugs during a recording session, but there’s was an off-kilter beauty to the subversive rhythms he employed.

Profane is riding that sound throughout his latest EP for Digital Wreka, Final Version 38. The opening track, “16 Bar Bullethell,” starts out unassuming enough, and while more understated at first, a guttural wail and an amen break falling down a flight of stairs summons a dynamic shift in tension for the track. “Laundromat Bees” is even deeper, with a thumping kick keeping the time for the lazy, drunken guitars and scattered percussion to fill in the dreamy landscape. The Twitch Mug remix of “Drughms” keeps the same energy of the original, with some more vibrant textures and fresher edits thrown in for good measure. A reprise of “16 Bar Bullethell” closes out the proceedings.

Ultimately, for a genre as progressive as drum & bass has been, Profane has found a way to take the sound back to the future, finding inspiration in the old to shape his sound for the aliens picking over our remains. Hopefully, they will see that there was indeed a soul in the machine, and it sho’ was funky!

Stream the full EP below, and cop it via Bandcamp today.


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