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You gotta love when rappers contradict themselves... here's a few glaring examples:

Method Man (in Part II of his interview) speaking on the "Say I" single, and how he would speak about it on the radio...

"They’re saying I went to the radio stations discrediting the single. How could I discredit one of my own fuckin’ songs that I spit on?"

And now, from the same interview, is him talking about when the "All I Need" single came out...

"I did everything in my power to discredit that fuckin’ song and the shit still went platinum as a single."

So he doesn't discredit the track when it sucks and gets no spins, but is willing to discredit it if its doing well? Something's gotta give, Meth.

Now, on to Kanye West, and his views towards homosexuals. He went on MTV talking about how the word 'gay' is now perceived to be the 'opposite of Hip-Hop', but then on DJ Khaled's "Grammy Family", he's all "Used to hit the radio them faggots ain't let me on"...

Just gotta love those double standards. It's fucked up until you can use it, right? This might be a developing idea... keep it locked.

[rock the dub Interview]: Wise Intelligent

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You know I have to rep for my hood; Trenton, NJ is where I was born and raised, and when I was a shorty, there was one video that Ralph McDaniels and other outlets would blast: "Rock Dis Funky Joint". There were scenes shot in projects not too far from my childhood home, as well as ill shots taken on the Trenton Makes bridge. The group was the Poor Righteous Teachers, and the standout MC of that crew was a man by the name of Wise Intelligent. He had a mixture of the rapid fire flows of that time, as well as lacing his darts with intelligence and social commentary. Many fans only knew "Rock Dis Funky Joint", and didn't realize that PRT pretty much helped pioneer (uncredited in many circles) the true conscious Hip-Hop movement of that time. They dropped 3 slept on albums, and at this point, Wise is out doing his own thing with his Intelligent Muzik movement. With a new mixtape and album set to come out, khal got a chance to question Wise on where he came from, where he's at, and where he's going.

khal: First and foremost, thanks for the opportunity to let us re-familiarize ourselves with one of the unsung heroes of Hip-Hop. For the uninitiated, can you please let us know who Wise Intelligent is, who you are affiliated with, etc?

Wise Intelligent: I’m one third of Trenton, NJ’s and Hip-Hop'sPoor Righteous Teachers; Holy Intellect, Pure Poverty, Black Business, The New World Order and all uh dem ting. Lyrically, I’m your favorite rapper's favorite rapper! Not only did MC’s get knowledge of self from PRT album’s, but they also found a lot of their flows in these same albums. So in a nutshell, I am the progenitor of a lot of what’s HOT today!

khal: Do you think that growing up in Trenton, NJ, has shaped your style differently than if you had grown up somewhere bigger like NYC or Philly?

Wise Intelligent: Maybe, and maybe not! The people, the surroundings, and experiences is what adds on to a man, the way he perceives his environment and develop ideas concerning the world around him. Through my travels abroad I have come to the understanding that every “black community” with exception to a few catch phrases are identical in their poverty, oppression, suffering, decay, etc. I’m not one to follow what the masses are doing either, so I would definitely have brought something new and original to Hip-Hop regardless to where I was from. After all I’m “The Talented Timothy Taylor!”

khal: Let’s take it back to 1990, when PRT dropped Holy Intellect. What was going through your mind back then? Were you just happy to be signed, or did you know exactly what you were doing back then? Do you have any regrets in regards to choices you made back then?

Wise Intelligent: The manifestations brought forth on that particular album represent a young black male in America coming into knowledge, the first steps toward righteousness. You ask “what was I thinking?" That’s just it, I wasn’t thinking at all. Not in an ignorant since of the statement, but rather the fact that, I am at most times a vessel being used to convey certain truths. My responsibility in this role is not to think, but to choose and except. The thoughts already exist in the Universal Sub-Conscious Mind of God. We just choose, and the thoughts we choose to accept will become our reality. In other words, such thoughts will find their author. Thus, HOLY INTELLECT. As far as regrets, there’s only one; if I had Another Chance at Life, I’d listen to me a bit more!

khal: There are some who believe that a lot of the 5% ideas, as well as your heavy social commentary, were slept on back in the day. When people think of consciousness in Hip-Hop, they seem to skip over you and PRT. Why is that, do you think? Does that upset you at all?

Wise Intelligent: 90% of the people of this world don’t and won’t know shit if it is not marketed to them! This is the west we are living in. Don’t you remember, the leaders of Europe (the Emperor and the Church) would teach the masses only what would influence public opinion in whatever way favorable to their agenda? America is an extension of Europe, and the people only believe what they have seen and/or heard on BET, MTV, VH1, Clear Channel, VIBE, XXL, SOURCE, ABC, NBC, etc. So while PRT was not being marketed, groups who were being marketed could take “pieces and bits of all my hip hop hits” (to quote Rakim) and claim it for themselves. I’m not ever upset about it, my goal is not to be the “king of rap.”

khal: There is a lot of patois and Jamaican flows throughout your work, from 1990 to now. Is that part of your lineage? Do you feel any kinship to cats like the Marleys, or prophets like Capleton?

Wise Intelligent: Well no, I’m not Jamaican, my mothers root goes back to Barbados. And of course I feel kinship with all of Jamaica and the Caribbean. We are ONE people in a deeper since than slave-ships. But, that’s another interview.

khal: Can you break down the “Back to School” project you talked about on All Hip-Hop previously? I know The Talented Timothy Taylor project was the 1st of the reportedly 5-CD box set? Please explain your motivation behind this project, and what you hope to accomplish.

Wise Intelligent: The “Back 2 School” box set is actually 7 albums; one disc for each period in a school day. The First Period which is “WISE INTELLIGENT IZ….The Talented Timothy Taylor” will be followed by WISE INTELLIGENT IZ…The Unconquerable Jezus Jonez (7/7/07), and WISE INTELLIGENT IZ….El Negro Guerro, and so on…The concept behind the box set is that we are living in a severely dumbed-down, anti-intellectual environment, so I have decided to go against the grain and take hip hop Back 2 School! She’s truant, she’s “in the trap”, she “in the mall” she’s “in the club” she’s “going down” because she’s everywhere except where there is knowledge. That’s why the cover has the scantily clad sister (Hip-Hop) on a bike and we’re headed “Back to School.”
Hopefully when school let’s out I would have left a sound catalogue of knowledge, wisdom, ghetto-political social-commentary, style and substance.

khal: What’s going on with Intelligent Muzik? Is this just a label, or is it deeper than that? Do you have any other projects on the horizon under that umbrella?

Wise Intelligent: Intelligent Muzik iz by all means a movement that focuses greatly on the unknown element of Hip-Hop which is activism. Intelligent Muzik's mission is to become the first community owned and operated label in the form of a not-for-profit that trains urban youth in careers in and surrounding the muzik industry. Starting with how to own and profit from your talent.

khal: I know it’s gotta be hard to pick just one, but do you have a favorite track from your catalogue? Is there any project you wish you could redo, and if so, why?

Wise Intelligent: I haven’t made my favorite song yet. I guess that’s what’s keeping me sharp. I would like to do Black Business over, simply because I could have expounded on many more relevant matters pertaining to the title than I did. Facts like blacks account for less than 1% of all the business receipts in the country, how in 1860 90% of all blacks worked for whites and today the numbers are the same. So that’s the one I’d do over.

khal: I have heard guys like Saul Williams say that Hip-Hop has gone Republican; Cam’Ron has even called himself Bush when speaking about his rap battles. Why do you think that the mainstream is not pushing more conscious Hip-Hop? Who do you think is truly pushing that sound?

Wise Intelligent: I believe that we are getting “conscious Hip-Hop”, just conscious of what is the question. Today’s rap music is “money-conscious” and or “street-conscious.” Some have argued that the lack of positive images and lifestyles in mainstream “black” music is because positive rap don’t sale! I am not one who subscribes to this belief. PE sold, Fugees sold, Kanye sold "Jesus Walks"? Again it’s what’s marketed and made to look attractive to the masses. When you follow the links between The Bush administration, the Prison Industrial Complex, Clear Channel, Viacom and the Major recording companies you’ll begin to understand the “bigger picture.” But that’s another interview. Check out “The Globe Holders” track on BLESSED BE THE POOR?.

khal: Who or what is a bigger problem for the ghetto youth of today: the music that promotes ignorance or the government that keeps their feet on the back of the ghetto?

Wise Intelligent: Which is the “bigger” problem is not the question we should ask, rather “what is the biggest problem?” The music we listen to is a problem but is it THE problem, NO! The government has always dealt with blacks as sort of a second class pseudo-European populace, so we should expect their neglect. The problem for black youth in America whether rich or poor, free or slave is when their own so-called leadership i.e., their teachers, preachers, politicians, businessmen, authors, directors, athletes, and entertainers, are afraid to be BLACK! When we make decisions based on whether or not our words and/or actions will or will not offend white-folk! When we are afraid to teach our youth the truth about themselves, their culture and heritage and our gift of civilization, science, math, languages, medicine, etc. contributions that pre-date white man we create the problem. The problem is that our youth are being taught to envy their oppressors. This is why so many rappers assume positions of power in this muzik industry and take on the ways actions and characteristics of the oppressor. We have a desire now to be like this oppressor when the movement should be to replace him!

khal: I hear you’re still living in Trenton, NJ. I grew up in North Trenton; in fact my mom still lives in North Trenton. Do you think there’d ever be a time when you would move out of Trenton? Why or why not?

Wise Intelligent: Yes I will move out of Trenton soon enough. I need a farm land around me, at least the distance of 100 yards between myself and my closest neighbor. I love the people of Trenton, I just think that we all deserve better!

khal: Lead by Busta Rhymes’ “New York Shit”, there seems to be a brewing resurgence for the Tri-State area to try and re-claim the crown of this Hip-Hop thing. Do you think that this is possible right now, with so many fans loving the tracks coming from the South?

Wise Intelligent: Anything is possible but my attitude is and has always been, why can’t more than one style of rap music be marketed, promoted, positioned, played, consumed and exist simultaneously? Why must there be soooo much “tribalism.” We still haven’t learned from our past. We were divided on the continent of Africa into tribes (Yuroba, Mandinka, Songhai, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani, etc). The “Slave-trade” was supposed to bind up the divisions amongst us. On those boats we became one to deal with the common threat and experience. Today we don’t know what tribe we came from and rightfully so. We are suppose to be ONE people with many flavors!

khal: When you’re not making music and building your Intelligent Muzik foundation, what else do you get into? How does Wise Intelligent wind down?

Wise Intelligent: I’m a VERY family oriented man. My bride and my sons are my peace of mind, nothings more relaxing than time spent with them.

khal: Do you have any shout outs or words of wisdom to drop on the masses?

Wise Intelligent: Yes, The problem with the ghetto, the suburbs, the hood the government, the churches and everyone in the whole wide world is this; We all need to listen to MORE WISE INTELLIGENT, more INTELLIGENT MUZIK, MORE POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS! So the INTELLIGENT thing to do would be to log onto
Intelligent Muzik and my MySpace page and cop that “Blessed Be the Poor?” The Un-MixTape.

Big up to Wise and his people for setting this interview up. If you still haven't gotten enough Wise Intelligent, peep this interview that noz put up on Cocaine Blunts. Peep those links, check out his work, and try to do your homework on true Hip-Hop knowledge, as well as true life knowledge. Be easy.

[rock the dub Interview]: Tha S Ence


I am presenting you with another interview that has been on hold, waiting for The Flow to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix... even though I highly doubt it going down. In any case, check out a budding producer from Philly, Tha S Ence. Now mind you, this was conducted in March of 2006, so some of the topics might seem to be a bit dated (speaking on the passing of J. Dilla, the Cam'ron barbs slung at Jay-Z, etc.), but I figure, this guy is a beautiful producer and still needs to get his shine on. Check out this piece and see for yourself...

With the current state of Hip-Hop, manufactured characters and watered down beats run rampant on TV and radio, diluting what true heads knew as “the essence”. Today, hailing from Philadelphia, we have Tha S Ence, a young producer who is studied in classic Hip-Hop knowledge, and ready to teach listeners through sound. Reworking samples into new compositions, all the while keeping that same raw energy, is just one of his strengths. A no nonsense attitude is another one of his gifts. Combine these, sprinkle in a love for both Buckshot and Jay Dee, and you have a recipe for Hip-Hop beauty. Check out this conversation about beats, rhymes and life.

khal: There are plenty of producers out there making beats. What is it about Tha S Ence that sets him apart from the rest of the crowd?

Tha S Ence: Mainly the sound, there’s so many producers out there making the same kind of stuff, especially all that radio crap, same keyboard sounds; it's so played out. Another thing is cats must have forgotten the art of sampling, because half of them aren’t doing it or it’s so sloppy, you can’t listen to it. Some cats just make whatever, constantly copying stuff they hear on the radio. I’m definitely not a carbon copy of another producer.

khal: I see you are reppin’ Philly. With such a rich musical history, including Hip-Hop legends like Jazzy Jeff and The Roots, has that had any influence on how you approach your craft?

Tha S Ence: In a way, yes but not just people from Philly, more like everyone that has ever made any dope music; be it jazz, “neo-soul", rock, anything really, but I really like the consistent stuff that has been coming out of Detroit. I try to broaden my music taste to listen to all types of Hip-Hop here and overseas stuff too but not just Hip-Hop. Most sample records I get are off the wall, something I would never listen to if I wasn’t making beats. I would have to say my biggest influence is J Dilla, (Rest in Power) hands down.

khal: True, now I noticed that you have a post on your MySpace page referencing the recent passing of Jay Dee. I am also a huge fan of his, and was wondering, if you had to describe what made J Dilla the illest in 5 of his tracks, which ones would they be and why?

Tha S Ence: Man, that’s a crazy question because Dilla made consistent material and A LOT of it, that’s a part of being ill to me. I got a bunch of beats tapes of all types of Dilla stuff that never came out or is just coming out now, I loved everything he did with Slum Village, ATCQ, Jaylib, Busta Rhymes….the list goes on and on but there’s no way I can list just 5.

khal: By the looks of your ill MPC ring, you obviously use that mighty tool for making beats. What else do you use?

Tha S Ence: I’m a minimalist; all I use is my MPC and a portable turntable. I record to my computer. I just try to use all the sounds I can get from that record. People forget, beats aren’t there to confuse you, or even the emcee on it. Only downfall to minimal setups is once your machine starts messing up, your whole operation goes down.

khal: Your sound is very epic, for example, you have some serious strings in “onslaught”. Do you try to evoke certain emotions while producing, or is it just about creating dope music?

Tha S Ence: Definitely, once you feel the original record, I sometimes try to bring out that same emotion in the beat, or flip it the other way, create dope music but changing a sad record to hype joint.

khal: How did you get involved with the MTP Beat Battle?

Tha S Ence: I saw a bunch of flyers and the website for the past ones. So I hit up the creator, for the event and he put me on luckily. I'm a new guy so I thought that would be the best way for people to hear my music. Check it out on

khal: Let’s say you are given unlimited resources to create your The Chronic, where you are the main producer and you have many MCs blessing your beats. Which MCs would you choose, and why?

Tha S Ence: My first pick would be Elzhi; that dude is a rhyming machine his lyrical patterns are crazy, just straight ill. Then Busta Rhymes; if you know Busta, you know he can rhyme on anything you throw at him. I would want A Tribe called Quest on a joint no doubt, that’s my favorite group of all time. Tip and Phife’s flows link together, makes the song even doper. I would really like to work with Buckshot, too: he's got crazy energy and I love how he enunciates his words… you know he’s dead serious when he says anything. Oh and how can I forget Little Brother; Phonte and Big Pooh got skills and are characters on every track they’ve been on. That would be the most eclectic album you would ever hear but I would stay with a theme throughout the whole album. Man I can’t forget [MF] DOOM, I just like the way he plays with words and comes at tracks totally different than any other rapper I’ve heard. On the real this is probably the hardest question I would ever have to answer because there’s a lot of dope emcees to narrow it down.

khal: You also speak on the recent barbs that Cam’Ron has thrown at Jay-Z. The phenomenon of rappers reusing other rappers rhymes does get kind of out of hand. Where do you think a rapper should draw the line?

Tha S Ence: I think when rappers use other peoples like to create their own style is where they need to stop. I understand if you give credit or props during the verse like – “As so and so says…” or something to that nature but your whole steelo was created from someone elses work…nah man that’s lame. Cam’Ron just showed people how even their favorite rapper jacks lines but no one notices because people don’t know the roots of this hip-hop music. Jay was getting his style from the old school cats and no one noticed.

khal: Have you had any MCs hit you up for your beats yet? How can someone get in touch with you to discuss a working relationship?

Tha S Ence: I’ve have a couple here and there but nothing has struck my interest so much, I'm working on a real website to get maximum exposure. Not too many emcees realize I put time and work into making these beats; I want to get paid for work I do, not just give beats away for free. You got to draw a line somewhere with cats and set them straight. If you would like to get in touch with me, you can email me @ or instant message me on [AIM screen name] Tha S Ence. I rather have you send me a link or something to figure out who I am dealing with.

khal: Where do you see your art going in the next couple of years? Also, what are you looking for with your craft, the glamour or the respect?

Tha S Ence: Next couple years I just hope to get even better at what I do, if I can make it a fulltime job, dope. And I want to start getting a mixtape together, and get on some distributed albums; I just want to make dope music If people love it, that’s cool, if not that’s cool too. I just want to live off of making beats, I'm not about the glam and I’m no where near close to getting Pharrell and Just Blaze money but I'm not doing this just for the money. I love Hip-Hop and I love making music.

You can get more information, including audio samples and more of his views on his MySpace page. If you are interested in getting beats from him, send any e-mail inquiries to We wish him much success and quality production for years to come. One.

the shuffle. [8/5/06]

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What a Saturday. I spent most of the early afternoon rocking to the Wu-Tang Forever album, which is slept on to this day. Can't hate on that shit, it was an event in my circle when that dropped. Classic, pull it out.

I went to my hometown (Trenton, NJ) to grab a bus pass and some other odds and ends. Saw an almost-fight between two mothers in Rite-Aid. Went to a hood clothing store, where they had ill L-R-G shirts, and also saw some "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" tees with Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble rocking rings and iced out chains, but still wearing that fucking weird rag type wear on their person.

I also peeped that movie Saw earlier tonight, which I am still on the fence with. The ending was ill, with the dude lying in the pool of blood, but I'm tired of these movies that have everyone being connected on some convoluted bullshit. It only works in LOST because that whole island is nuts; movies like Crash, where the dude who felt up your wife is now the dude saving your wife's life? That shit is so over. And why the fuck did Danny Glover have to be in this? It must have been cred... he had no real point to prove in this flick. Wasted role, coulda gave that shit to me.

Oh and VH1 Soul has had an hour block of A Tribe Called Quest videos on all weekend. Fucking loved seeing "Hot Sex On A Platter" and the video of "Oh My God" tonight. Forgot how much that shit affected me as a young'in. As I told wifey, one of my best friends in elementary school was a kid who knew all the words to "Bonita Applebum" when it came out; how could I NOT be down with this kid?

Anyways, let's get it.

01/The LAPD has set up a task force to check out the specifics behind Biggie's murder. Doesn't sound like they want to help though; reading comments like "evidence discovered by the task force could help the city in its argument against the family's claims" makes me feel like this group is out to hurt, not help, BIG's family. Word to Voletta Wallace, I hope they find the shit they been hiding...

02/As if anyone really gave a fuck, Star, the radio jock who talked some raw about Envy's wife and seed, said he might not return to Hip-Hop radio. Apparently, this 42 year old jig wants to go to an alternative or rock station. Good luck, I doubt you'll do well. I know what it is though: he wants to be the black Howard Stern. It won't work with Hip-Hop, because niggas will come at you for what you say, whether they really rock like that or just have to do that to maintain their rep. Think on that...

03/Win a Grammy, get signed to Warner Brothers. Doesn't seem like a good look these days, Rap-wise, but Three 6 Mafia did it. The worst thing about this is, that crackhead ass Lil' Wyte fucker is going to be on a major. What kind of world is this? I guess everyone needs a white MC once they get corporate money. We'll see how far HMP goes...

04/Boy George is cleanin' up the hood. Well, his community service is to work with the sanitation department to clean up the NYC streets starting August 17th. Go throw some powder on his coke-head ass. He'll be somewhere in NY dirty C for 5 days. I wonder if anyone will be tracking dude?

05/This week has been shitty for ya girl Lindsay Lohan. My first thing is, this chick is 19 years old and her mom's is still out there speaking for her late-night ass? Word is that she has been missing work due to her party-hearty nights. The fucking CEO of the movie's production company was basically like "stop frontin'. You wanna party all night then claim some 'exhaustion' shit the next day. Grow up." I can understand why her moms bugged out, but Lindsay is an adult. She looks so silly and childish not handling this herself... then I heard she was on time the next couple of days. ROFL! Also, apparently the UK is not feeling Lindsay's new single. Who knew she had a new single out? I'm guessing she went there on some "my first CD didn't do shit in the US, lemme pop off in Europe" shit, but it blew up in her face, mainly b/c she wasn't doing any promo for it. How are you so unprofessional, yet she still gets mad loot for doing those movies? Must be the chest...

06/Neph from Brokeback Mountain (that title still makes me chuckle) is set to play the Joker in the next Batman movie, which is still being done by Christopher Nolan (holla!). People are tripping, and I actually saw someone ask why Jack Nicholson isn't being Joker? I won't even go into how fucking ridiculous that statement is, but yeah, we'll see how hot this next one is. Shit ain't set to come out until Summer 2008, though, so don't get too excited.

07/Lil' Kim is off house arrest, since the 3rd of August, apparently. BET has already signed on for another season of that "Countdown to Lockdown" reality dip they made. Name change, anyone? Oh well, it'll be good to see her assistants and cousins wyle out on each other for another season! BET does put out some insane reality shows. Anyone seen this week's Keyshia Cole shit? Her family was apparently arguing... over groceries. Thing is, these drunk chicks didn't even buy anything! Quality TV, no doubt.

08/50 Cent called it in the latest issue of XXL: The Game is officially signed to Geffen. He's still Interscope, but no longer on G-Unit or Aftermath. Curtis really stuck it to him. It's a bitch move to me: why wouldn't Dre stand up and keep Game just on Aftermath? I think the reason that didn't happen is because Game wanted to get his Black Wall Street shit moving, and Dre might not have wanted to handle another subsidiary label. 50 also barked that Dre has no work on Game's sophmore LP, but we'll see. I know one thing: Game is going to have to re-write a shitload of his tracks. The leaked "It's Okay (One Blood)", which I love, has Game calling himself the heir to the Aftermath throne... not anymore, butterfly boy. In other news from the good Doctor, he has a lawsuit out over some "Beats By Dre" headphones. Shit sounds kind of sketchy, but the company making the 'phones are being sheist. I guess Dre and big Iovine are ready to beat these nigs out of a mil... must be nice.

09/Newsflash: Michael Jackson don't pay nobody. This week, his lawyers quit his current case over unpaid bills. Ironic thing is, Mike is on trial for not paying niggas. Did they think this leopard changed his spots? And they let his debt rise to $48 mil? How come they didn't knock on his door at the $1 mil mark?

10/T.I. is doing a movie with Denzel and Russell Crowe. Was ATL that good? When do I get to make Hollywood money for skating?

11/Vanity Fair has lost his mind: Kanye West was included in their Top 10 Best Dressed List. Really? This dude? Are they asleep? I just don't get it. T.I. plays that role better than Kanye does. Hell, so do I...

12/Word to eskay, I told him: Luda is looking like Stephen A. Smith with that haircut.

13/Hip-Hop album info: Mos Def is getting his new album, True Magic, ready for a September release. Maybe he will keep it more Rap than Rock? Please? Can we get a proper version of "Beef"? MF Doom also let it be known that his highly anticipated collabo LP with Ghostface Killah, Swift + Changeable, won't drop until Feb. 2007. WTF?! Why so long? Oh well...

14/AOL is spending money to make money, and it might be dope for the millions of AOL and AIM users out there: e-mail, as well as some other features, will be free come September. The one thing I like is the addition of 5GB of space being given for free to anyone with an AOL or AIM account. Gotta love it! Get your AIM accounts now! We'll see what *if any* restrictions there will be, but places like Megaupload or YouSendIt might be out of here!

15/Live Free or Die Hard, aka Die Hard 4, is on the slab. No one wants to see Rambo 4, but this might be interesting. I like Bruce Willis, even though all of his best parts seem to be a recreation of John McClain, but so be it. Let him do his thing.

16/Janet Jackson has a new video with Nelly out, called "Call On Me". The track is not that bad -- not something I feel should be the lead single, but it's not bad. That video though? What kind of nonsense is this? Janet has a nice booty shot, but the outfits and computer graphics are fucking dumb. This track, to me, sounds like something that would have been better suited in a nice park, with some puppy love shit at a cookout. Not this futuristic, Japanese bullshit. My wife also pointed out Nelly's back-ne, which looks like, in her words, this nigga got some buckshot in his back. Bad move. But niggas is loving this! It's gotta be the ass shot.

17/Cockroach-ass Jermaine Dupri is going to play "DJ" at this year's AmsterJam, an all day event where diverse music groups perform together. He made true comments about "mash-up" culture being just blends, but come on. When I read that this nigga said the mixture of LL Cool J and Tego Calderon (essentially Hip-Hop and reggaton) is going to "be hard", I fell out. Try Tom Petty and Tego. Let's be serious, nig. When Snoop is on Daddy Yankee's latest single, you gotta know that MCs can do it over reggaeton beats. Be serious, nigga.

18/Rumor mill is going nuts over Jennifer Lopez dropping out of the Dallas movie. Me, I'm glad. Sort of. Fuck a Dallas, J.Lo. This is khal talking to you for a sec. Do another movie. Start a production company. Make one of those romantic comedies my wife loves you doing. Don't go that BS route. And show your butt more. You have it, let it be known. Don't be one of those bullimic Hollywood skeezers. Show your shit, ma. That's all.

19/You ever hit up Wikipedia? You know, the free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Well, the owners want quality, not quantity. Who really believes EVERYTHING on Wikipedia anyways? Bol spoke on a funny piece that Stephen Colbert had about editing Wikipedia entires... peep game. So really, don't wiki drunk. Or don't wiki without knowledge. Word.

20/The Sony PS3 is already in production, says Sony anyways. Can they just make this monster cheaper? I got a baby on the way who is going to want one in the near future -- do I need to sell my kidney for this bitch?

OK so really, that's all I got for this week. The rest of the news was either in the Middle East or about people dying from the heatwave. We're all here, living and loving. Oh and big up to Rafi and the Oh Word crew for a great "Crack Week". Get all the crack-related posts here. Gotta love it.

Be good, and we'll meet, same time, same station... one.

Friday, August 4th 2006 playlist

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I didn't touch my home computer at all last night, so I apologize for this post coming on a Saturday as opposed to my usual Friday, but whatever. 2 for 1 day today! This week, it was too hot, so I didn't spend too much time focusing on new music for delf... but I do have a top10, mixed with some DnB, Rap and R&B. Shouts to LeToya grabbing that #1 spot. Destiny's what?

01/Redeyes "Pusherman" [bingo beats] (been waiting for this monster to drop for the longest!)
02/LeToya "So Special" (that beat is nice. the repetitive piano thing, lovin' it!)
03/The Game "It's Okay (One Blood)" (getting dropped from the 'Math must suck. more on that tonight...)
04/DMX ft. Styles P & Jadakiss "It's Personal" (RR is in the buildin'! hard beat, hard rhymes... peep that X LP.)
05/Marcus Intalex "Red 7" [soul:r] (best tune off his new EP. acid sounds alive!)
06/Dub One "Gwarn Amen" [renegade] (taken from the 'New Horizons' LP... review coming soon!)
07/Cory Gunz ft. Lil' Wayne "I Gotcha" (been digging this, finally got the full version... Just Blaze is sick for that one. big beat, loving those sleepy horns.)
08/Noisia & Black Sun Empire "Winter War" [black sun empire] (nasty tech business from 2 of the scene's finest right now.)
09/Logistics "Everything Is Illuminated" [hospital] (my favorite Logistics track of 2006, aside from "Krusty Bass Rinser". beautiful, simply lush.)
10/Clipse ft. Re-Up Gang & Roscoe P. Coldchain "Ain't Cha" (taken from the Step Up OST, we get to hear the brothers and their brothers do what they do best: Crack Rap coastin' over Neptunes production. Holla.)
11/DJ Shadow ft. David Banner "Seein' Thangs" (best track on The Outsider.)

No disputes about that list at all. Wanna hear these? Holla at the kid. Oh and shouts to Detuned Radio; they celebrated their 3 year anniversary last night on Jungletrain Radio last night. esb and Union normally drop their brand of DnB Fridays, 5PM to 8PM EST. Peep them out, join the chat, and get it crackin'.

DMX = Wesley Willis?

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Hello world. In watching DMX's reality show on BET (who'dathunkit?!), I realized something: this nigga is as beligerent as Wesley Willis (RIP) when he's speaking. Not when he's rhyming, but if you listen to the beginning talking on his single "Lord Give Me A Sign", he just has that weird, ridiculous chatter that sounds like Wesley's "singing".

Peep this gem from the premiere episode, where X rejoices over the fucking donuts.

Peep the look on neph's face when he bites that donut!

Now check Wesley's "Alanis Morissette" video:

Coincidence? I think not!

human being

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So we're getting close... I mean shit, it's like week 35 almost. The goal line is 40 weeks, but at this point if lil' man was to want out right now, he'd be straight.

Having a kid feels like it's going to be the best thing out there for me. I mean, not to say that I wouldn't have made something of myself or done anything without having a seed, but this feels so good, it's hard to think bad on the situation -- aside from the pain/frustration/pregnancy my wife is currently going through (she's my rock... such a strong woman, even if she doesn't realize it).

I think the big thing about me knowing that I am actually helping bring life to this insane world is the fact that it gives me more to live for. About 5, 6 years ago, I was truly destined to just live life as some hobbit, staring into a Heineken bottle, smoking Newports, and just making nothing of my life. Since then, however, I found out what truly matters: love, family, and just being. Not being mad, or being frustrated, or being a dick, but just being. Common told us to just BE, but things these days make it hard. Niggas in Trenton, and all over the state, are declaring war on each other and everyone else, and my mortality comes into play. If I die tonight, I have no doubt that while it may cause much tragedy, my unborn would be well taken care of and grow up right. It just wouldn't be right. He'd have that just missing piece out there, which may or may not turn the tide in his life, but who knows how far my lil' monster can go with my weird teachings? I'd rather be here and be prominent in his life than be out of here and him have an empty void to deal with.

I know we are all predestined to perish: we're humans who start to die once we are born (think on that one), but it's weird to truly sit back and be like "Damn, what is going to happen when I'm dead and gone?", you feel me? I just know that I've tried to do as right as I could, and I didn't always succeed, but I just hope I can do right for my boy. I am a flawed human being, but I'm just that... a human, being.

Get [rock the dub] delivered to you!

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I know some of you guys like reading my blog but don't like having to always check the site for updates. In this day and age, blogging is available via RSS, XML, and other fancy acronyms and stuff. Thing is, most people mainly use their e-mail as the end all/be all for all of their needs. Realizing this, I figured I'd add the option to have you readers subscribe to my feed. Basically, you'll get an e-mail letting you know there are new posts up there. If there is no new post, there is no e-mail. This doesn't cost a thing, and it only takes a minute to fill out the little form and subscribe. Just follow the instructions --- click the link, add your email and the verification code, then click the link in the email you will receive, which confirms your subscription. You can un-subscribe anytime, I won't cry. I'm just trying to offer other ways to get my posts.

That's it. There is also a link on the main page, under my "Diversions" section... add your e-mail, reply to the confirmation e-mail, and you're good.

If you have any questions, hit me up.

John B Interview @ DOA

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My interview with John B is up on Dogs on Acid.

As you can see if you go through the comments on the interview page or this thread, his fans are not really taking well to my line of questioning. I mean, I could go into this long diatribe about the interview, but really, what's the use? People will think/believe what they want. As I said before, c'est la vie.

I guess you can't win every one...

Check out his new album, Electrostep, which is currently #13 on the iTunes Dance charts. Or add him on MySpace.

*Sigh*. Keep it locked, more insanity to come in the near future...

ODB in rehab

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You gotta love "Crack Week". There's a gang of dope articles up at Oh Word, peep game:

ODB in rehab (a part of the Wu Peanuts comic strip, which is running all week!)
The crack flick evolution, which breaks down the history of crack in music video
rocked to a different kind of bass -- 3 classic crack videos
Rick Ross - Port of Miami – Track by Track -- does this need an explanation?

Gotta love it.

Jessica Simpson: Curvy?!


At my job, there are back issues of loads of gossip rags. People, Us, and this piece of shit called OK!. I was thumbing through a recent issue that talked about "curvy stars". They listed the usual suspects; Beyonce, J.Lo, Mariah. They then listed Jessica Simpson. Why is it that she is considered curvaceous? Is it because she feels the need to stick her ass out at any waking moment? I just don't get it. Maybe it's the hoopla her father, Joe Simpson, caused when he commented on the size of her ta-tas. I mean she might have played Daisy Duke, but she didn't fill those Dukes right. I just don't understand this perception of "baby got back" just because she sticks her ass out? Look at her ribs -- I don't know too many curvy women who have ribs poking out. I just don't get it. Salma Hayek is curvy. Jennfer Tilly is curvy. Jessica Simpson? Not so much...

DJ Shadow "The Outsider" [review]


I think I should explain my love and respect for the music of DJ Shadow. I was initially introduced to Josh Davis through his EP for Mo'Wax, What Does Your Soul Look Like?. My boy had it on import CD, and let me borrow it one beautiful night. There was instrumental ("trip-hop"?) hip-hop, and then there was the tapestries that Shadow was creating. From that, I heard him on the Meiso album DJ Krush put out, they did a track together, and Shadow's bit was the illest -- perfect drum work, pianos on time, all that. Then the ultimate album came out: Endtroducing.... This album is one of the cornerstones of sampled Hip-Hop, letting you really know how excellent and somber and dark and funky and emotional sample-based music can be. He set a high bar with that one, and maybe that's the problem. He put out the Psyence Fiction disc under that UNKLE moniker (with James Lavelle), showing that he could put out tracks with more vocals and such. Hell, I wasn't the BIGGEST fan of Private Press, but he had a ton of wicked ideas on that one. How he got from that to The Outsider is beyond me...

He's said in interviews that the reason he chose that title is because that's how he felt in the industry, or something. That's understandable --- Shadow is by no means a household name. He has ebbed and flowed in the underground, and made some very challenging music. I don't know if he is really going for what this album suggests, but fuck it, let's lay it down. The first full track, "This Time", sounds like Shadow is stating his case for what's he's doing this go round ("this time, I'm gonna try it my way" is the refrain). Which is all well and good, but do we need the pseudo-blaxploitation 70's-funk jam? In the hands of a lesser producer, this might be a great B-side. In the hands of Shadow, this sounds like "MPC in my sleep". This is immediately followed by the first single, "3 Freaks", which features Keak Da Sneak (of "Tell Me When To Go" fame) and some cat called Turf Talk. Now, hyphy is cool, I dig that shit, but I mean what is Shadow trying to do? The beat knocks for a hyphy thing, but it sounds like Shadow is making a high-concept beat tape as opposed to an album. There's even a video for this abortion. This is followed by ANOTHER hyphy track, "Turf Dancing" (whatever the fuck THAT is), features the DUMBEST line talking about a chick "ghostriding" his dick. Now, I know what ghostriding a whip is, but how are you getting props for a chick ghostriding your dick?

The next track is actually good. "Seein' Thang" features David Banner going political on your ass over a dark, crunkstastic beat. He drops lines about black on black crime, Katrina thoughts, and other atrocities that have occurred over the last couple of years. After this is a sampled blues tune turned into the "Broken Levee Blues". It's nice guitar work, but just doesn't feel like it should be its own track or by itself. "Artifact" sounds like a punk-DnB hybrid that was probably a great idea in theory, but does not seem to flesh out. All aggression, no direction, which is a constant thing running through this album. Little Brother's Phonte drops some rhymes on "Backstage Girl", a story about a freak who seduces Phonte backstage. Ends up the chick is a MySpace freak. The backing track is a slow, funky, bluesy joint. Nicely done, actually. This leads us into what I like to call the "Final Fantasy" section of the disc. If you've played any of the Final Fantasy video games, you realize that they have really dope soundtracks, for being video games. This is not something I'd like to have playing on my discman or mp3 player. "The Tiger" features a fuzzy guitar and some conga thumping. Basic fast forward fodder. "Erase You" has the best drum edits of the entire album; Shadow really takes it back, showing you what he can do. He flips a sampled break and makes you feel like its a live drummer licking the snares. The vocals could have been nixed, but this is not a perfect world. The Christina Carter spoken-word bit in the intro of "What Have I Done" really reminds me of a cinematic sequence in a PSX RPG game: very confused, sounds attacking you from right and left, with random vocals dripping in and out. With the visual, the audio works... without it, it's grating. For some reason, one of the WORST tracks features Q-Tip and Lateef the Truth Speaker. Fitting, since Shadow and A Tribe Called Quest suffer from the same disease.

Well, the disease was initially diagnosed by my studying ATCQ. They created Hip-Hop masterpieces with The Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders; once their following albums came out, people hated on them. It wasn't that these discs were so terrible, but the fact remains, that plateau they created has now been tarnished. If these subsequent discs were created by lesser artists, they would be seen as solid contributions. In the hands of masters/legends, they are seen as shitty fodder. This is how the entirety of this album comes across: the makings of an artist just getting his feet wet. I can appreciate the scatter-brained genre hopping. The leftfield thoughts. My understanding of what Shadow can do will not allow me to fully appreciate this album. No matter how hyphy or mystical or blues-y he gets. This was not a good look for Shadow at all. Not at all.

rock the dub gives this CD a 5 out of 10 for disappointing soundscapes from a time-tested producer.

Want more information on DJ Shadow? Check out his official website.

Crack Week has commensed!

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The good folks over there at Oh Word have dubbed this "Crack Week". You gotta love Rafi and those guys. They take those offbeat ideas and run with them; a lil humor, a lil truth, and it's Hip-Hop blog gold. They also let ya boy write an article for them... here's my first (of many, hopefully) guest spots for Oh Word: "there was always 'caine".

Also, jimi izrael also drops his piece on the infamous "
Crackheads Gone Wild" DVD.

I'll keep you guys posted on any other updates to Crack Week.

EDIT: A side note that was just forwarded to me. Check out this blog post and if you are interested, holler at chartreuse. Very interesting idea, I will try and keep you guys informed on this.

the shuffle. [7/29/06]

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Getting a late start on this one... been one of those lazy days for me. Just been in a weird mood... 6 weeks left until my son is born, this heat is getting to me, no alcohol... which reminds me, I wanna send a big fuck you to Sovereign Bank... they need to get on their game and send me this paperwork so I can get my money. Shady bastards.

I wanna send a shout to my boy
Pr0gress... been a minute since I spoke with him, and he's been on his grizzly making some nice DnB... I'm sending out a few of his bits so if you are a DJ or run a label looking for new talent, holla at the kid. There's also this mix that he's done... I always knew he was a monster on the decks, and he's kept it going. Download here...

Oh and to that
Gutierrez/Clottey fight that was on HBO tonight... sucking @ boxing does NOT mean that you have to throw crazy lowblows... that's just uncalled for.

It's been a weird week... some crazy news is out there. Let's get to it.

01/What's really good with Mel Gibson? He's out there
getting DUIs and shit, cussing the Jews... well he actually admitted that he has a drinking problem, so that's the 1st step. Maybe it's all of those wacked out flicks he's making that drive him to drink...

02/There was a bit of LOST news out there, as ABC
announced it's Fall schedule. Season 3 will start on October 4th (a week before my b-day!), and let the world know officially that the season will be broken into 2 parts: there will be like 6 episodes starting October 4th, then there will be a 3 month pause during the beginning of 2007. The season will then have a gang of episodes (no reruns!) until the beginning of the Summer. People will cry/bitch/moan/whatever, but I rather that then weeks of reruns. During that off time, ABC is planning on showing some new TV show starring Taye Diggs, and it is supposed to be like Memento and Groundhog's Day... good luck, nigga!

03/Have you guys seen
this commercial for HeadOn ("apply directly to the forehead")? My wife and kids HATE that commercial, but it's actually good marketing... sort of. Let Slate explain it to you, they are better than I.

04/Philly basketball fans, rejoice: Allen Iverson
will not be leaving, at least not this season. I was already telling people that there was no way Iverson was gone --- he's worth too much to the 76ers organization financially, putting those asses in the seats! Also, there would need to be a big offer on the table to get Iverson out of Philly, and I don't think most teams are prepared to shift their whole team... except for Denver, and they wouldn't give up 'Melo. Carmelo did get picked for the Team USA squad. Peep the entire roster here. PS: word to Charles Barkley, good luck on your campaign for governor!

05/Ken Jennings, aka neph who won like $2.5 Million playing Jeopardy!, got
accussed of "bashing" host Alex Trebeck and the TV show where he won his loot. I guess a lot of people didn't read the actual post, which read like a letter to Jeopardy, asking for a bit of an updated style... was he wrong? I don't think so; this show hasn't changed a blip in the 20+ years I've watched it. Fix up, Trebeck.

06/I spoke on this "Zune" that Microsoft plans to have out soon, and then happened upon
this article, which was something I never thought about initially: iRiver, Creative, and these other companies are gonna lose out. They had tried to bridge the gap and incorporate Microsoft's technology into their players, but now they might get thrown to the wayside. And with Microsoft planning on spending crazy loot on the Zune, we can only hope that this is a wise decision... we'll see when Christmas comes around.

07/Why they are even trying, I don't know, but MTV is coming up with a site that is said to rival
MySpace. Why? Who knows... Friendster couldn't do it. is said to launch in August, and will incorporate mobile phones and other things into it. Why bother?

08/Scarlett Johanssen, who seems to get
flyer every flick she's in, is set to have her own clothing line in conjunction with Reebok. They seem to be giving anyone a deal... Jigga... Daddy Yankee... whattup with that? I need a "rock the dub" line of sneakers. Someone let me know how to do that.

09/Lionel Richie is said to be
upset with Nicole Richie's weight loss. Well dammit, so am I. I used to think she was fly during the first season of The Simple Life... the lil pudginess was cute. Her attitude stunk, but she was fly. When the 2nd season came around, and she shed that rehab weight, she got even better, but then the idiot turned into skin-n-bones, which is far from attractive. You'd think she'd want to not look like a dope fiend anymore... to each his own, I guess.

10/The Nine Trey Bloods
got hit hard by the state and federal police in NJ this week, which is also being called the largest roundup in state history. The first bust netted something like 65 heads? They called these niggas a "super gang", and for the amount of shit these guys were into, I can see why. Racketeering, money laundering, drug dealing. These guys were HEAVY! Hopefully this will ease the drama up on the streets, for a little bit anyways.

11/I hate Cingular Wireless. They barked at me this week on some "your GoPhone service is out of here, get a new plan or be cut off by September 30th". Not feeling that @ all. If I had the loot to stay on a monthly plan, I'd probably grab one of the
2 new Razr phones out there. The 1t one is the Krzr, is narrower than the Razr, has a camera and the Bluetooth hookup as well. The Rizr is a slider... but neither are in stores. So save your chips for the next craze. Oh joy. I'll stick with the Virgin Mobile Oystr jawn... say word.

12/OK so I thought I wouldn't speak on this, but fuck it, it's news --- not really, but so what. Lance Bass
came out of the closet this week. Most people thought Timberlake was the gay one, or the old fucker Chris, but it was Lance. I really don't care, but I think the amount of publicity this is getting is insane for a dude who really didn't do shit from jump.

13/New Rap album news! To start things off, The Game proclaimed that his long awaited sophmore album, The Doctor's Advocate, is
set to drop this November. He plans on having Nas, Mary J. Blige, as well as punk ass Cool and Dre doing a bunch of beats to this album. Game also let slip a teaser, "One Blood", which shows him atop his game. XXL's YN broke this track down for you lames, and it is a hot lil piece to be honest with you... also this week, the Clipse gave us what we wanted to hear: Hell Hath No Fury has a Halloween drop date. No doubt. They apparently scrapped a bunch of tracks in favor of a load of new heat. Hopefully, some of those scrapped gems will make it to the mixtape circuit (fingers crossed!)... it's still Fuck Jive, but what can you do? ... It's been a long time coming, but M.O.P.'s long awaited next album should be coming soon, for good or ill. Kind of. This is the album that was SUPPOSED to drop on the Roc when they signed to them. It's coming out on Coppertop(??) Records, and has a gang of joints that have seen the light of day already, mixtape side or otherwise. Sucks for them. They need to do their own thing --- I am still thinking G-Unit is not a good look for them. Stones Throw and Adult Swim have finally named the compilation they put together; Chrome Children is a showcase of the talent on that roster, from Roc C to Oh No to Madlib to Madvillian to Jaylib to MED and Percee P and many others... check out that listing! On a final Hip-Hop LP note, Fat Joe has split with Atlantic... sort of. I had no idea his All Or Nothing album was put out on his Terror Squad label, well actually Terror Squad/Atlantic. Now, he is putting out the next LP, Me, Myself & I, out solely on Terror Squad. Who's distro'ing that badboy? Supposed to be his best thing out, too. Time will tell... fucking crack-a-matician.

14/THIS JUST IN: Roy Jones Jr. has
won a new belt. Fighting for the first time since he bounced from the ring 10 months ago, it sounds like he fought a real bum; dude only won the 1st round? What? No competition, eh? Go fight Tarver and get stole on, nigga. Or take your bruised ego back to the chicken coop. Fight a real dude, Roy! I dare you!

15/Andrea Yates, the mother who drowned her 5 boys back in 2001, was retried and found
not guilty by reason of insanity. I feel for her, b/c she was going through some serious depression... the doctor even said after the 4th "don't have a kid". Why they decided to have that last son, who knows, but I tell you what: if this lady ever gets sent back into society, tie her tubes. Tie her tubes, remove her uterus... fuck it, sew her coochie closed. She doesn't seem to be a threat to anyone but the children she brings into this world, so stop her from having babies.

16/Some non-album Hip-Hop news; XXL provided an
excerpt of the 50 Cent interview forthcoming in their next issue. My only gripe with 50's comments is the hypocrisy. He will make comments like this: "None of it should be out there. It’s all illegal activity. Everything that you mention when you talk to these niggas, they can’t make reference to nothing but breaking the fuckin’ law. That’s it. We talking about career criminals", then go right back around with shit like how he was going to murk Ja on a motorcycle. Why do that? For someone as vocal as he has been on past experiences he's had, why downtalk another nigga on what he says? ... Oh and word to DJ Envy, you should strap up now: Star's charges are set to be dropped in 6 months. So for all the shit he talked about your wife and daughter, get at him. Yes, I'm instigating like M.O.P., I can't help it. I have kids, and if some other nigga spoke about my family the way Star did, fuck that, ratchets out!

17/On a final note, you gotta love it when great minds think alike:
Oh Word and Dallas Penn have teamed up to give you guys a PSA of sorts on a pressing issue: working one over on the fast food devils. I will say no more but give you this video on the Ghetto Big Mac:

You can't hate on that. I hope you guys enjoyed this edition... let's hope next week's is as fruitful. Have a good'n!