thursday check up

currently on Winamp: Logistics "The Divide" [hospital]

You gotta love good DnB.

I'm really just posting this to let you guys who read this regularly that ya boy is still around. Been a busy couple of weeks.

I'm home today giving my wife some support, then have to run out later on, so yeah, I'm stacked. About 6 and 1/2 weeks left until Jayden's birth... I'm pumped and cannot wait for him to be here. I spent a good part of this morning washing his clothes and sheets, getting his wears ready for wear. It's crazy... I'm going to have a lil boy running around here come October. How ill is that?!

I have a few things coming in the near future... working on putting the finishing touches to this article for Oh Word, more on that next week (fingers crossed!); I also have a review of Logistics' debut album, Now More Than Ever... more on that next week as well. I also have an interview with Wise Intelligent that will more than likely be posted up on rock the dub, but it might have another home? We'll see... I'll keep you guys posted.

Is there anyone you guys think would be dope to interview? Or any ideas you think I should tackle? Send your thoughts here; I'll field any ideas you got.

Keep it locked, and peep this video, for ish and giggles:


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