America The Ugly

Figured, to keep with this non-July 4th air that's going on, I'd flex some of these ideas in a musical mp3 meltdown...

[note: these files (except for #6) have all been uploaded to yousendit this morning... they are there for 7 days or 100 downloads, whichever comes first... if/when these files die, they will NOT be reuploaded. if you are an artist who created one of these tracks and want them to be taken down, let me know. they will be taken down ASAP.]

#1: Pharoahe Monch "Book Of Judges", taken from the Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Soundtrack. Monch rocking his style with a big rock-background underneath.

#2: DJ Shadow "Donald The Merciless", from a special 7" that came out last year (part 2 of Shadow's "GOP Rogue's Gallery" series), with an ill Donald Rumsfeld picture disc. Just peep it... he's got Cage on the mic on this one, too [shouts to Krylon Don from Zilla's Island for that ID].

#3: J. Rawls "America Fufill Your Promise"; instrumental selection from one of the underground's more slept on producers. Taken from his 2003 longplayer, Histories Greatest Battles Campaigns and Topics, which touches on a plethora of issues. Good listen.

#4: Jay Dee "Fuck The Police", from the 2001 vinyl single of the same name. Yes this is the illest shit you will hear today. Yes, I still mourn Dilla. Yes, this is the perfect music for late night July 4th debauchery.

#5: Here is an interview with Saul Williams that showed up on Sway and King Tech's "Wake Up Show" out in Cali. Interesting topics brought up.

#6: Jel ft. Wise Intelligent "WMD", taken from his Soft Money album. Wise, from Poor Righteous Teachers, goes very hard on this one. Jel provides the proper boom bap to compliment.

That's all for now. Download, experience, and think about what really went down during the building of this great nation of ours. Be EZ!


Anonymous said...

you can add on Aceyalones "Ms America"

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you forgot "Company Flow - Patriotism"


khal said...

I didn't have a full copy of "Patriotism"... i do now though!