Saturday, September 23, 2006

the shuffle. [9/23/06]

Trying to do 2 things at once is bad enough... try being a writer, a father, an employee and a regular dude at one time. Shit's kind of crazy. Add a twist of Heineken, and it's a bit worse! In any case, big tings are going on around here... I just have to get off my ass and "git R done!" Soon enough...

Today is the first day of Autumn... I am working on a mix to compliment the return of Autumn. Watch this space...

I've been having a crazy week... getting used to the little man and all. I am trying to juggle, y'all. I have some mixes coming, some interviews coming, a whole gang of shit on the horizon. Hopefully, we can get this rock the dub thang moving strong. Soon come, as per usual...

Oh, and I HAVE to big up XXL on their new DVD, which I watched last night and today and absolutely LOVE. I don't get into the "hood DVDs" too much, but what I've seen on YouTube and other places do not compare to the slick design of this one right here. From watching Raekwon smoke that L right on the charter bus to seeing 50 act like a fruitcake, talking about how he pondered the looks of "Hot" Rod before meeting him, to Fat Joe and TV Johnny dicing it up, that shit was official.

In any case, lets' get on to this shuffle thing of ours...

01/In the Not Shocked file for this week, Willie Nelson got busted for drug possession, and pics of the stash have hit the 'Net. He has under a pound of 'shrooms, and a pound of herb. At 73, you'd think his old ass would be slowing down. He's going to catch a heart attack in the next 5 years, watch.

02/Speaking of fucked up celebs, Lindsay Lohan fractured her wrist earlier this week. It sounds like homegirl is wigging out. The site reported that Lindsay was seen beefing with her mom's, then stormed out, leaving her mom to play Lindsay and do dumb shit like throw fortune cookies at people and not leave a tip. I guess some people aren't cut for Hollywood.

03/Keeping it Hollywood for a mite, the rumor going around is that Brad Pitt is replacing Tom Cruise in the next installment of the Mission Impossible movies. I never watched a second of any of the shits, but they say that Tom's character is to just be an afterthought, and Pitt is to play some new cat. After watching Brad do the spy shit in Mr. & Mrs. Jones, I'd prefer him than goofy ass Scientologist Tom.

04/With the monetary success of flicks like The Passion of The Christ and Chronicles of Narnia, Fox has set up a new division to produce and distro religious flicks. The interesting part of this FoxFaith venture is that they plan on putting out this flick I heard about a bit ago, where Christ is portrayed as a Black man. "Colors of The Cross" suggests that Jesus died not for what he was trying to do to the population at large, but because he was a nigga. I don't think this is documented anywhere but in the minds of shiftless Negroes, but it's an interesting idea. I mean I've never heard anyone say that just because Christ is depicted as a black man in the Bible that everyone else was white... how does that work, exactly? I mean, based on the makeup of people in Iraq and the Middle East, where the original Bible times geographically took place, those peoples are of color... where does the white man fit in? Ponder that one...

05/Spaceballs is one of my most favorite guilty pleasures. A send-up on all things scifi, Mel Brooks created a masterpiece of malarky. Now, he is bringing this model to the G4 network as a cartoon, lampooning current events and even more pop culture. I'm not sure if I get that channel, but I need to make it a part of my life. Or just grab the torrents...

06/In the UK, the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards ceremony took place... and Jay-Z won an award, for "Best International Male". What the fuck kind of category is that for a music awards show? I don't know, I applaud the UK heads for thinking of Black people and giving us our own awards show over there, but it sounds like any old hodge podge show, whether it's the BET Awards or the Vibe Awards. They are all wannabe's and knockoffs, and lack the power and drive to truly fill the void left by popular (White) media. Maybe I need to come up with my own awards show?

07/Back in the states, Oscar-winning crew Three 6 Mafia is the latest batch of coons to get their own reality TV show. These niggas are trying to establish themselves as "Hollywood players", which can either mean they want to get more Hollywood $$ or more Hollywood pussy. The fact that Asthon Kutcher is producing this is kind of odd, but I guess money talks and Bobby Brown walks.

08/I don't know if you guys have ever asked this question yourselves, but someone had the audacity to throw this up on Yahoo: are animals gay... the answer? Possibly! Word is, there's two Brokeback penguins who fuck each other and ignore the females. I honestly never thought of animals as being gay, but you know, that's some interesting shit. Sort of. I wonder which guys have to sit there and study these gay animals. Like, is that a course of action the heads of the department seriously ponder over? And how does one get funding to research penguins who dig in each other's boootyhole? No WONDER there's no cure for cancer! Too fucking preoccupied of Moe and Joe Monkey are an item.

09/The most disgusting story of the past week is contained right here... apparently, this unfit mother went out one night, got toasted on gin, then went to the shelter she lived at with her 3 month old seed, threw up 6 inches of vomit in a bucket, and passed out... only to awaken to her child having drowned in the bucket. She should be made to swim in a vat of bile and Seagram's, fucking bitch. Get a hold of yourself. Hopefully she changes her life around in jail. Oh, and before I end this item, how the FUCK did she throw up that much vomit to drown a child? Is that even possible?

10/Is Clay Aiken really gay or just tired of people bashing him? This week, he spoke with Dianne Sawyer, and it was reported that he basically says "I am not gay", but there's another story with him on the back pedal, giving the timeless comment of "you bitches don't even need to know who I fuck", which is respectable, but does not lessen the cloud of suspicion over him. My thing is, the accuser, who's blog is suspiciously amended by now, said Clay fucked him raw in the asshole for 90 minutes. What? Was he on E? What man has 90 minute anal sex with ANYONE?!!?? How do you let something penetrate your ass for 90 minutes straight?

11/How in the FUCK does punk as Aaron "Mom and Dad, they be gettin' on my nerves" Carter get to marry THIS FINE ASS CHICK!? Is he that paid off that bullshit "career" of his?

12/This was an interesting week for Hip-Hop interviews... Ras Kass discusses his altercation with The Game for XXL, and The Game breaks bread over at All Hip-Hop about the same altercation and his new album; Talib Kweli mixes it up about his past career, present standing, and future aspirations over at All Hip-Hop (parts 1 and 2); DJ Shadow speaks on The Outsider, trying to convince the masses that it is not a big piece of shit, too.

13/Hip-Hop also had some odd moves and shakes this week, all starting off with Onyx's Fredro Starr (AKA Malachi from Save The Last Dance) trying to strike it rich, twice, with his new group, "Yung Onyx"... nigga, please! "Your time has come..." A prosectuor in Detroit says that Proof only pulled his piece because the bouncer squeezed off a warning shot himself; hell, he just got picked up on weapon's charges! I mean, if someone is shooting at you, what the fuck do you expect them to do, lay down? Nah, not if you yourself are strapped. Think about it for a bit. Speaking of Detroit, Eminem is hard at work on his "official mixtape" which went from being a regular hood thing to this big retail extravaganza. No one wanted that, they wanted Eminem going back to 97 and spitting that raw. I can't hate on him for trying to make more corporate bread, but maybe that divorce shit has his mind taken over. I mean, he now has a mediator to help Kim and himself chop that shit up, for good or ill. On the White boy tip, 'Wierd Al' jacked Chamillionaire's steeze and created "White & Nerdy"... classic! For some grimey, real shit, the Clipse's album got pushed back another month, and those niggas ain't happy! Anytime you talk about lynching your whole label, you need to just be able to do your own shit. Jive is going to feel real dumb when Clipse do their numbers, esp. with the Neptunes behind the boards. And for those who want to know, Chuck D kicks the ballistics on DRM files and policy. Nice to have him in our corner, somewhat. And on a dope note, the guys over at A Salute To Weed Carriers have got their antics in print! Big up to them!

14/Did you realize schools in the US are cutting back on recess? How the fuck do you expect kids to stay awake for the 2nd half of the day if they don't get a break? I had recess all through elementary school, and I did fairly well in my studies back then. When I had no recess? I actually did a bit worse... now, they only get like 20 minutes for lunch AND recess? That's some deep shit. Now, if we make it so the fucking TEACHERS get no breaks, you KNOW their punk asses will be ballin'! And don't even get me started on the theory of obesity and lack of excercise in our schools...

15/Gotta love how Justin Timberlake's subpar sophmore album hits #1 when it comes out. Don't get me wrong, JT can do his thing, he just fails to do it on this outting. You also have to love Gwen Stefani wanting to get her 2nd album out by year's end. She is doing her thing, especially with a 4 month old running around. But ma, Akon? Don't stretch too far...

16/Remember the exclusive Mork & Mindy NIke Dunk SB? Well, there is a Pee Wee Herman SB Dunk that has been spotted this week... I like the color scheme, I just don't wear hi-tops. I wonder how scarse these jammies will be. Get ya game on!

17/As if we needed this, Fisher Price is dropping the 10th anniversary "Tickle Me" Elmo doll, dubbed the "TMX" (no, he is not a Muslim), making sure punk ass kids will be bugging out this Christmas. Place your orders now. My thing is, what's the point of a convulsing doll? Is that really a good time? Shit doesn't even seem fun to me. Maybe I have to be 2 to understand.

That's all I have for this week. As per usual, keep your ears peeled and your eyes open. And check out our final thought...

Beautiful. Uno.

LOST, Season 3 PROMO

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday, Sept. 22, 2006 playlist

You know what, this week has been kind of decent in terms of music. Not a lot on many fronts, but then again, I've been kind of caught up with my seed, so ch-checking for the newest/latest tracks out there hasn't been on the top of my pops. I have gotten a few new bits, however, so let's peep game... pardon my digging:

Drum & Bass/Jungle:
01/Aspect & Perpetuum "Bleeps" [dub]
02/The Riot "Build & Destroy" [barcode]
03/Lemon D "Revelations" [valve]
04/Mutt "Blue (Logistics Remix)" [crisis]
05/Logistics ft. The Ananda Project "Cascades of Colour" [hospital]
06/Zero Tolerance & Beta2 "Round Table" [advanced]
07/Mutt "Salt" [crisis]
08/Digital "Smokin' Dub" [function]
09/Amit "Gatecrasher" [metalheadz]
10/A-Sides "Tear The Roof Off" [eastside]

01/Matisyahu "Spark Seekers" [taken from his Youth Dub limited edition CD. Bill Laswell is a god!]
02/Jay-Z "My 1st Song (DJ Nappy Mix)" [my boy does the damn thing. gotta love how those classic blues-y samples roll perfectly with Jay's vocals.]
03/AG "Hip Hop Quottable" [prod. by J Dilla, forthcoming on AG's new LP. Quite a combo!]
04/Ludacris ft. Beanie Sigel, Pimp C & C-Murder "Do Your Time" [to all those locked down, do your time, don't let your time do you!]
05/Roc C ft. Chino XL "El Capitan (Remix)" [gotta love them. Chino is one of Jersey's most slept on MCs.]
06/Portishead "It Could Be Sweet" [from their first LP, Dummy. classic Bristol sound...]


* My boy clone hooked me up with "Evil Meaning Fresh", a quality mix from DJ Scott Evil. A nice mixup of Turntablism and Hip-Hop, the cuts on this one are so intense.

* Masheen dropped his "Within The Void" mix this week. Very heavy on the tech side of DnB, with some choice selections in there.

* Big ups to ESB for dropping this All-German special on his Detuned Radio show from the 15th of September. SOLID, very deep selection from the one like ESB.

* The Flatline Audio crew present a new promo mix from the Custom Soldierz. They even did us the favor of doing up a pretty dope tracklisting pic. Everything on there is Flatline specific, so check out their heat!

* Riley Hospital, one of the Hospital crews' peeps, drops a pretty damn funky mix. It melts Hip-Hop into Funk into Disco and all other types of stuff... megaupload link HERE.

* My boy Deadly Habit was gone for a bit, but came back this week with a middle of the week mix of big DnB tunes. Can't hate on that selection!

Final Thought...

Logistics' Now More Than Ever album is out next week. Check out this animation for his tune "Beatbox Master":

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pimp Down!

Never in my life have I wanted to get a perm more than while watching Katt do his thing.

Most people know Katt Williams from his "Money Mike" role, made popular in the "Friday" movies, which is the reason why I still refer to him as "Money Mike" to my boys at work. He has, as of late, been seen on the wildy popular "Wild'n Out" TV Show, letting people know that he is blessed with mic skills. He has also been seen on ComicView, and was recently signed to Cam'Ron's Dipset Records... he even dissed the Young Gunz on a track with The Game!

The reason for this post, however, is to highlight his recent stand-up special for HBO, The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1. The man keeps it real about everything: his weed habit, his lack of political knowledge, and other topics, but more importantly, pimpin' preaches "keep it real" in every breath. He says some hilarious shit, but the shit he says is spot on. Especially when he went off on Michael Jackson ("smelling like little boys bootie holes!")... just raw and uncut. Peep his bit about haters...

Crazy, but that shit is the truth. The fuck is you mad about?

He's going to be on Def Comedy Jam soon enough... can't wait to see him tear that shit up. Keep an eye out for Katt, he's in the building! Hell, he's even A Pimp Named Slickback...

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the long wait

What the hell are DnB fans doing, quitting (or pondering quitting) the scene like it's a job? Forget the fact that the majority of the posts on forums around the world are attention seeking manifestos on the "state of the dnb union", but the thing that gets my goat is the reasoning... sometimes, like in Sykophiend's case, he was having trouble with labels and feeling like he was jerked. I can respect that to a degree. There are others, though, who keep mentioning that they are "waiting". They never really break down what it is they are expecting to come or happen or whatever, just that the wait is on.

I can only figure that this wait is in reference to a dreamed-on emergence of a new front, if you will. Back in the late 90s, with the emergence of heavy hitters liked Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and many more, the dark, neurofunk/techstep style was rearing it's ugly head. It was a welcome change from a scene that focused on movie samples, edited breakbeats and a reggae aesthetic. It helped usher in a whole slew of new fans (for good or ill), and opened up what could be done sonically with this thing of ours. Is a front like that being prayed upon, like Christians waiting for the occurances that were brought up in the Book of Revelation?

I can also understand people being tired of what I will call popular DnB. The guys like Pendulum, TC, High Contrast, Subfocus, etc. can seem to dominate the airwaves, big raves and other places the sound is played. I don't always like it, but then again, I can tolerate good music. My disdain for certain tracks in no way kills my love for the scene as a whole. As a genre of music, DnB is probably the most forward thinking, balls to the wall of sound genre out there. You can't flip as many styles in other genres as you can with DnB. Most of the time, it comes off as being pretentious or just plain muddled. Tweaked right, you can mash up country vocals and polka vibes into a DnB tune if you wanted, and it could still come out funky. And if you search hard enough, you will in fact find your DJ Scratchy Balls, the polkastep kingpin. True lovers would do that...

Which leads me to my point. I think the lack of love for DnB is pretty dominant in these posts and proclamations about the scene as of right now. If you get married to someone, are you going to get a divorce because you do not like the way they make their eggs? Or the way they brush their teeth? Or their handwriting? I didn't think so. Why quit from DnB because you feel things are same-y, or stale? Why not try and work things out first? I spoke with Perpetuum a bit ago about the state of the scene, but I never did ask him if he was quitting. Judging by the amount of tracks he has forthcoming, I doubt he really would want to quit. The difference between Perpetuum and some of these other peeps? He is doing something about it. He does not like the way the scene is turning? He makes music he feels should be put to the forefront.

Essentially, at the end of the day, the truth will come to the light, and true art and soul will always shine brighter than manufactured hogwash. For those who say they cannot find what they are looking for, I say try harder. Or open up. If you cannot do either of those things, don't say you loved this thing of ours. You were just visiting...