Friday, May 18, 2007

Pimp My MySpace!

Do you have time on your hands? Are you good with MySpace Layout editing?

I tried working with a generator to get my MySpace page looking like this blog... but got confused. Can anyone help me out? I'll give you something...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Just got the Stones Throw newsletter, figured I'd drop dime:

The reissue of Jaylib's classic Champion Sound was supposed to have dropped on CD on May the 8th, but there was a glitch in the pressing of the CDs, so the official street date had to have been pushed back to June the 12th of 2007. This 2xCD/LP will feature the entire, original Champion Sound album, unreleased tracks, a host of remixes Madlib created, and never before released (on CD) instrumentals of the album. Very momentous release...

Plus, the "advance" iTunes release date is May the 22nd!

In prep, I have been revisiting my bootleg copy of this, and realized that I need to cop the reissue... might even cop the original version of the album, b/c I think the copy of "No Games" I am used to is NOT the version I have been hearing as of late. Who knows.

Peep Jaylib's page on the Stones Throw website for more info. You can also pre-order the 2xCD HERE from Amazon, for the same price as the original album! How ill is that!?

The newsletter also leaked an MP3: "THE MISSION (STRINGED OUT REMIX)". Sickwidit.

The Sopranos, Season 6B "Kennedy and Heidi" [recap]

I first want to extend a big FUCK YOU to Google News; I hadn't watched this episode on Sunday, opting instead to DVR it and watch the finale of Survivor. Not necessarily a bad idea, but in checking Google News @ work the following Monday morning, I see a picture of Chrissy, with links saying "fans shocked over death of Sopranos character", and a host of other links. My mom then proceeds to call me, and even though I said "I DID NOT SEE THIS EPISODE, BUT I KNOW THAT CHRISSY DIED", she proceeded to run down to me the whole scene. So, basically, when I saw Chrissy fiddling with the soundtrack to The Departed, I knew what it was...

In any case, that shit was done beautifully. From Chris' almost nodding off behind the wheel to Kennedy & Heidi's split second reasoning ("I'm driving after hours with only a permit"), and Tony's coldheart, that just spoke volumes. He didn't shed one tear. He didn't even react. I was surprised that the early scene with Melfi was a dream: I was almost waiting for him to lay it on the line with her later on in the episode, but he kept up the facade. Normal, but damn. The one thing he slipped on was trying to get Carm to say she was relieved that Chrissy was now dead. She was his blood, and in any case her heart is not that cold. Tony's life has always been like that; he received the programming that AJ never got, which lets you understand why, when AJ tries to put up that front, he realizes that he truly just wants everyone to Rodney King it. You feel for him, because he got the worst of both parents: he got Carmela's sensitivity, which can shut you down when it gets tough, and that "disgusting Soprano gene" that Tony has spoken on over the course of six seasons of The Sopranos...

Were any of you busting a gut when you saw Tony, high on peyote, WINNING in Vegas? Things like that pay off. I read a pretty awesome write up on this episode, and they said he was saying "he's gone!" while on the floor of the casino, but I didn't catch that. Its fitting, though: Tony might have been speaking on the fact at hand, that Chrissy, the only guy (he knows about) that would have good reason to flip and fuck up his couch; he could have been talking about some "plague" that was causing his string of terrible gambling luck; or he could have just been talking about himself, or his tough-guy, sad-clown facade. He was letting his insides out during that whole sequence, and he loved it. Maybe he was tapping into his inner-Christopher? T has dabbled in drugs before, but we only really saw him do a few lines of coke. "Killer pot" and peyote? What's this, a Hunter Thompson novel? It all works, though.

One other thing my mom mentioned to me was her concern for AJ: she swears dude is going to kill himself. I would sure as shit hope not, but I would not be surprised. Unless he realizes that he is agood kid, and needs to be in school, getting his learn on, he will continue to go down that destructive path, and either bury all of his emotions, like his father, and become a heartless man, or he will consume himself.

Weren't you just waiting for the shit to hit the fan when Carm was introduced to Julianna? And wasn't seeing Kelli throwing teat to baby mouth one of the sexiest non-sex scenes in Sopranos history?

I do also want to send a shout out to Paulie Walnuts on the loss of his aunt/moms. You just KNEW that he only had the attendance to money spent ratio on his brain. Kind of sad, but he should have known from the tiffs at the nursing home: she didn't get along with many people her age, esp. since most of the people her age are dead. Damn that was cold...

With this show now like 4 or 5 episodes left (I lost count...), I find myself trying to piecemeal WTF is going to happen with the rest of the cast. I'm interested to see where Meadow will end up. Phil Leotardo, too. I have a feeling he won't make it. And Vesuvio's, what's going to happen to that spot? Silvio, where will he end up?

I can't keep doing that to myself. So, I watch reruns on A&E. Last night was Season 3's "He Is Risen", and during one scene I realized that Jackie Jr., Chrissy AND Adrianna were in it, and are now dead. Kind of odd when you think of it.

If you are looking to feed your Sopranos jones, you should check out Slate's article about where they think T will end up. MSN always provides quick, sometimes humorous recaps of each show. Idolator posted about the music featured in that episode, and provides MP3s. And when all else fails, check out's growing synopsis of this episode.

claw "Suspended Animation" (mix)

claw, a producer I've known through DOA and seen on the dubstepforum, sent over a pretty slick mix, with some classic Trip-Hop and wonderful Dubstep vibes - including DJ Nappy's refix of Khalifah's "Light a Fire". Check out the tracklisting:

0. Claw - Intro
1. Amon Tobin - 4 ton mantis
2. Bjork - Army of me
3. Portishead - Sour times
4. The Roots & Erykah Badu - You got me
5. Dj Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world
6. Tricky - Aftermath
7. Portishead - It could be sweet
8. Pinch - Punisher (Loefah's se25 mix)
9. Pinch - Punisher
10. Matty G - 50,000 watts
11. Claw feat. Jimmy Lonesome - Sour diesel
12. Technical Itch - Know
13. Khalifah feat. Bun b - Light a fire (Nappy vs. Ekaj extended dubstep mix)
14. Claw - Dubtempo
15. Loefah - Rufage
16. Headhunter - Arrival
17. Claw - The standard
18. Digital Mystiks - Ancient memories (Skream remix)
19. Matty G - The road is rough
20. Loefah - Mud
21. Digital Mystiks - Da wrath (Souljahz vip mix)
22. Coki - Officer
23. Monsta - Caveman vip
24. Burial - Wounder

What a BEAST! Download the mix HERE and HERE. And if any DJs are trying to get some THUGSTEP in their mixes, let me know. I will post it up here and elsewhere.

Monday, May 14, 2007

LOST, Season 3: "The Man Behind the Curtain" [recap]

Sheesh. What a crazy episode.

Damon & Carlton said in the May 11th podcast that they wanted to create a "TiVo moment", inre: the brief glimpse of Jacob that we received, and I did in fact pause my DVR to catch it. Now, what we actually saw is just beyond me... let's break things down a bit:

First off, the whole "help me" that Locke heard, that situation is crazy. I don't doubt that Jacob is real, and is some kind of weird entity or something you can only see if you are tuned in or whatever the hell he is, but it just kills me that, apparently, it seems as though you can only hear what he wants to hear, or what have you. Like, Locke couldn't hear anything Jacob was saying to Ben, but when Jacob spoke to Locke, Ben couldn't hear it. This infuriated Ben, for not only does it seem like he wants to stay leader of the Others (or at least the Others who don't live in non-electric houses), he also wants to be the only enlightened one, the only one who can speak to and be spoken to by Jacob. I slipped up at the end of this episode, after the credits rolled... I said "damn, so Locke's dead?" and my wife answered back "What makes you say that he's dead?"... which is telling. Ben only shot Locke once, and it wasn't really in the heart (looked more like the stomache, no?); knowing how non-fatal blows can be cured at a more rapid pace, I don't doubt that Locke will be back before season's end. How, and in what shape, is anybody's guess...

Onto Ben: I am certain that he is lying about more than he says he is. I should never have believed him, after his fakeHenry Gale nonsense; but he constantly states this season that his is not a liar, almost to the point of being offended if you question his word. Then we find out that dude wasn't born on the island - didn't even get there until he was like 8 or 10 years old. That's BIG, but then again, when hardly anyone really knows this, he can kind of create his own past, with the power he wields. I did find it interesting that Richard Alpert might be what we consider to be a "Hostile", esp. since he looked the exact same (well, aside from his long locks)! This whole Hostiles/Others debate is crazy, too. And the talk about when the Purge actually took place is even more frustrating: this thread over at is trying to pinpoint the decade (1980s vs 1990s) in which the purge took place - mainly due to what Rousseau and Mikhail have said previously, but the question of the Timex watch (made in 1992) that Ben wore in that scene - was that a production error or a big clue?)...

It was crazy to realize that the whole Hurley finding the van thing earlier this season had Ben's pops in it. As a matter of fact, that entire DHARMA scene when Ben touched down was a bit too much. I can't really wrap my head around what they were trying to do; nor can I fully believe that the DHARMA/Hanso people aren't having a hand in the island today. Who knows, though; we haven't seen a fooddrop in a while, and we are to assume that the destruction of The Flame AND the destruction of the sub killed all outside contact. I just find it difficult to believe that neither DHARMA nor Hanso were involved for years before Flight 815 fell from the sky...

Here are a few points, just some things I am throwing out there:

*I loved seeing Locke whup on Mikhail; he always gets his ass kicked, right?
*From what I've been reading, the idea is that Ben was born in/around 1965. If so, it's safe to assume that he and his father touched down on the Island in the 70s. How long was DHARMA on that island before Ben got there?
*The gun Ben shot Locke with: was it the same gun Alex gave him, or did he have his own piece on him?
*Why would Jacob be asking for help? Does Ben have him held there beyond his will? Is that what the substance Locke was trying to investigate outside of the cabin (and what is supposedly in the cabin) was there for?
*The lantern broke and a fire erupted in the cabin: why was there no smoke, nor any broken lantern when Ben left the cabin?
*If the grave was full of DHARMA people who got gassed, why did one of them have a gunshot wound to the head? And was Ben the only DHARMA person who joined up with the Others? And what happened to Annie?
*Did all of the DHARMA guys survive? I'd imagine that any gas let off would only affect that camp - but DHARMA had stations all over, and they weren't close.
*What does Juliet actually think she was going to do to help the survivors of Flight 815? Telling them that the Others were planning on swiping the females is one thing...

There is just so much going on. And next week looks like a MOTHER, with this big survivors/Others battle set to pop off. Check out the trailer, then try to cool off. I really hope that Jack is straight and narrow, and primed to set it off with the Others, but who knows - he could go either way, from uncompromised to infatuated/intrigued by Juliet. Hopefully he is doing the right thing.

Sad thing is, this week's ep is the last new episode before the finale. It's this week, then a LOST: The answers show on May the 17th, then the two hour finale after that. Two hours of who knows what, I just can't wait for whatever they may bring.

In the mean time, check out this Doc Jensen theory, which is all about links to philosophers and Postmodernism. Kind of wordy, but I'm also not that bright...

Until next time: namaste!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Sopranos, Season 6B "Walk Like A Man" [recap]

Never worked on a recap at all. Check out's synopsis of it.

I never thought I'd see the day where AJ looked more and more like a gangster, and it all happened over a piece of Puerto Rican trim. Stranger things have happened, I guess...

Chrissy hopefully learned a valuable lesson as well: stick to your friends. No faxing and two-ways in the Mob.

This week is going to delve deeper into that AJ shit, I can feel it...