Chali 2na "Gadget Go Go"

Chali 2na "Gadget Go Go" (prod. by Rusko): And you guys thought "thugstep" was just a catchy name. Niggas know. I was on the jack with DJ Nappy last week, putting him onto the strides the scene has made since he left. He was impressed. I know the server is dunzo, but I'm gonna have ALL of that ish back up this summer, trust we. Anyways, this banger has Chali styling perfectly to Fish Market Part 2this Rusko joint. This track > everything on that Dubstep LA mixtape.

Shouts to Nah Right.

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2 Responses to “Chali 2na "Gadget Go Go"”

danksquad said...

Chali 2na is down with the danksquad and is coming out for Desert Rocks Music Festival this shit is going to be off the hook and hopefully we get some Gadget Go Go Goodness!

Sam said...

Chali 2na is my favorite emcee from J5. I got a bunch of his videos on this blog post Jurassic 5 Videos