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Armond Snooze Button II

Been waiting for this one to drop - dude's deep. I can't even explain it better than this:

Snooze Button II is your alarm clock. You hit the snooze, you get 15 minutes of rest. You're sleep but you're really not sleep, nodding in & out, letting the sun hit your face. And then you snap up & start your day.

From 2007-2010 I hadn't wrote much of any music. And for somebody that writes everyday, that was incredibly difficult. But it was almost like a beaver dam inside of me that got punctured & suddenly things pour out, and continue to pour out.

Normally after I do a project, I take a few months off from writing, thinking, conceptualizing & give my brain a break. But after Dreaming Out Loud, things kept coming to me. It felt like 2002 when I could only write 60 bar verses & my hooks were terrible. So I decided to take it back.

The mixtape has become the "poor rapper's album" now. I remember when the mixtape was take a bunch of beats & go off & that's exactly what I did. No underlying theme, if anything a simple introduction to some & "a hey how ya been" Facebook message to others.

And with that, I give you...Snooze Button II.

<a href="http://armondwakeup.bandcamp.com/album/snooze-button-ii">Intro by Armond</a>

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