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Dumhi The Jungle Cover+Tracklist

You should've already seen Dumhi + Elucid's "No Redemption" already, and the Dumhi album it was taken from, The Jungle, is set to drop on June 15th. Check out the tracklisting here:

001 Only The Strong Survive
002 No Redemption w/ Elucid
003 Into the Jungle
004 Dumhi Cannons w/ Random & Ethel Cee
005 Philly Cousins w/Reef the Lost Cauze
006 Kill That w/Che Grand
007 Bang Land w/Jermiside & Flud
008 Lions w/Reef the Lost Cauze
009 The Knife w/ Burke the Jurke & Reef the Lost Cauze
010 May Get Murdered w/ Reef the Lost Cauze & Oxygeen
011 To Walk the Streets

All songs produced by Haj of Dumhi
Cuts & Scratches Dj Soulbuck (6), Dj Caliph NOW (6,8)

I love the Lessondary representation on here. Haj's been sorting out dumhi.com, and they posted the video for "Philly Cousins" today, check it out:

<a href="http://music.dumhi.com/album/philly-cousins-single">Philly Cousins (Radio) w/Reef the Lost Cauze by dumhi</a>

You can pre-order The Jungle today!

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