Rhymageddon At Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam (8/14/2010)

Here's a picture of myself, Rhymageddon and Faraji Toure, who created a dope video I featured on Sunday of pictures from the jam. I took a batch of photos of pieces from the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam from this past Saturday, and also got some video of Rhymageddon's performance, which included "#NJHipHopIzDaMovement". It was a great event, great day, and some had dope performances. Hit the jump for both videos, and look out for @SOLZALEZ in the 2nd video.

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3 Responses to “Rhymageddon At Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam (8/14/2010)”

Anonymous said...

rhyme always goes in dude is a jersey legend !!!!!!just in case you didn't know!!!!!

InfPowerMG said...

Thanks anonymous

InfPowerMG said...