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Rise Of The Fallen 4: Decepticons Forever!

Rise of The Fallen 3 dropped back in April, and now the homey Megatron has dropped the fourth installment TODAY, featuring RTD-approved MCs like Hollywood Floss, hasHBrown, Intalek + Ritchcraft, Jones Andrews, Mark Milly and many more. Hit the jump for his write-up, tracklist and download links.

What’s in a name? In Japan, it’s Destron. In America, it’s Decepticon. No matter where you are in the world, people know the name. The name is synonymous with success, power, and dominance. Not only are Decepticons known for all those things they are also known for never giving up. No matter how many times they might fall they come back 20 times better the next time around. Those pesky Autobots might get the upper hand but you know Decepticons are never going to stop until they reach world domination!

Rise Of The Fallen 4: Decepticons Forever! is a collective feature of great artists from the underground that might not get enough exposure. Just as the previous three, this one features a great variety of music and artists. From Hollywood Floss, hasHBrown, L’Daialogue, e.d.g.e., CJ The Genesis, Nemesis, Arsonist, Intalek x Ritchcraft, J-Coop Da Great, Jones Andrews, Mark Milly, and more this might be the best in the Rise Of The Fallen series. From the opening track to the end track this mixtape showcases why Decepticons are the greatest in the world. This mixtape showcases why Decepticons will never give up. If anything this mixtape will show you why Decepticons are forever…

DOWNLOAD Rise Of The Fallen 4: Decepticons Forever!


1. We Are Decepticons (Intro)
2. Grand Champion (hasHBrown)
3. Beat Up (V.A.S.)
4. Super Fly (B/A)
5. Let’s Watch This City Burn (J-Coop Da Great x Mark Milly x Jones Andrews)
6. Shadows Of Fame (City Council)
7. Most Imitated (J-Dub)
8. Decepticon I: L’Daialogue (Interlude)
9. Black Pain (L’Daialogue)
10. Baggage Claim (Sky Blew x Sarah Kaboom x Azon Blaze x Lil Boss)
11. Laps (Nicky D’s)
12. Decepticon II: CJ The Genesis (Interlude)
13. Guillotine (CJ The Genesis)
14. The Ghost Of E.D. Genius (e.d.g.e.)
15. Lyrically Fit Part 2 (Nemesis x Arsonist)
16. Like This (Mar McLoud)
17. Decepticon III: Hollywood Floss (Interlude)
18. Who You Know (Hollywood Floss)
19. Zone Out (M.U. Buccs)
20. Mega Bus (Greenspan)
21. I’m The Man (Intalek x Lew Skid x Meeze x Ritchcraft)
22. Decepticon IV: Arsonist (Interlude)
23. DarkDecepticon (Nemesis x Drig x Arsonist)

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