KC Slater & Shy the Duke Take On The Perception of Black Women In "Black Mona Lisa" Clip

I love the movement going on in hip-hop right now. When Black Collar Biz was really on his grind a few years ago, you saw the worlds of hip-hop and the arts scene in Trenton, NJ coming together, and last weekend, I got to see KC Slater & Shy the Duke take it to the next level.

They held a premiere for their "Black Mona Lisa" music video at Artworks Trenton, which was dope because they shot the video for the Rell Gambino-produced track at the local art gallery as well. It's dope to see them give back, considering they lit up the Art All Night - Trenton 2016 stage last summer.

The spot takes a look at how black women are perceived in America; it reminded me of that scene in The Birth of a Nation where Nat Turner essentially made his master buy the woman that would become his wife. I hated that scene, but it's a mirror of how things can be seen in real life, so it was dope to be able to have an open discussion about these kinds of things during the post-premiere discussion at Artworks.

Hopefully more local acts start bridging gaps like KC and Shy are. Word is they both have projects set to drop some time this year; if you rock with this track, grab their Adderall Rx album.

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