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Talking My Favorite Diss Tracks On The 700 Block Podcast

I don't normally get invited to do much in the way of press; I believe the last time I was even interviewed was almost two years ago, after DoAndroidsDance? folded into Complex.com. I like talking; must be why I do so many interviews. Whatever the case may be, shouts to Flaw 700 for having me on The 700 Block Podcast to talk about my Top 10 diss tracks.

While I wouldn't call myself a dramatic person, I love the drama and competition of a good hip-hop beef, so this was fun. We also spoke on our favorite Notorious B.I.G. tracks, some of my favorite interviews while I've been at Complex, and some talk about Drake's new playlist More Life and Rick Ross' recently-released Rather You Than Me.

You can stream and download the full episode down below, and make sure you vote in the poll about Nivlac Lemaj's "Thoughts I'm Thinking," which is this week's "Dope Or Nope" track. If you like what you hear, please subscribe. And if you like the hoodie I'm wearing, you can grab something just like it.

ast weeks results (1:26 mark)

Complex Conversation (2:59 mark)

Top 10 rap diss songs (9:06 mark)

In honor of B.I.G.G.I.E. we give you our top 5 B.I.G. songs (47:31 mark)

We briefly discuss Rick Ross new album and Drakes More Life album (57:04 mark)

This weeks Dope or Nope comes from Nivlac Lemaj - " Thoughts I'm Thinking " (1:08.03 mark)

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