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RTDMIX009: Dusty Ohms

One of the things I love about the RTDMIX is realigning with old favorites. I remember the homey DJ Cable putting me onto Fused Forces, with whom he made a number of bangers with, including the massive "Flocka Riddim." After a while, one-half of Fused Forces struck out on his own, calling himself Dusty Ohms, and while he still worked with Cable, he also started to stretch his wings a bit.

Dusty's been putting in work ever since, leading up to the release of his Trap Door EP alongside SupaSaiyan on their new imprint Smho Wal. The nine-tracker was pressed on a limited run of white vinyl, and if you like what you hear, there are some bits still available. He also recently put out "Grip Fo's" with Saturate, and touches down monthly on Fly High Society.

Like his bio says, Dusty is a "hip-hop outlaw, straddling the no mans land of electronic music." His RTDMIX fits that description perfectly, finding the likes of Champagne Drip, Om Unit, JD. Reid, Etch, and others thrown into one lit stew of electronic-drenched hip-hop beats. Proper pre-game mix for you dames and gents out there.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.


Radj - Homunculus
Cynic The Apache - Ham On Rye (Dusty Ohms Remix)
Etch - Gravity Flip
Bluescreen & See Jay - Tell Me
Desto - Do I Look Like I Give A Shit VIP
Champagne Drip - Oni
Craneuhm - SexNoir[Philm]
L_o_J - Sparrow
NoisiBoi - Broke My Heart
GrandHuit & Ours Samplus - Multiface
Chee - I Got Problems
Craneuhm - Thstranger
Om Unit - Le Singe
Shield - Home Alone
RaptorHandz - Sub-Zero
Samurai Breaks - Quantum Error
Bankai Fam - Fry Or Die
Deft - Holon
Sam Binga & Chimpo - For Those That Like It Sweet
Dusty Ohms & SupaSaiyan - Trap Door
Shield - Bowling Frontier
Kratos Himself - Needless
JD. Reid - Doin Baile

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