RTDMIX010: Jaxtella

We know, it's been a few months since the RTDMIX blessed you, and just like we did in January, we've got another mix from the mysterious drum & bass mastermind known as Jaxtella.

We've actually been sitting on this mix for a little bit; we don't know who the hell Jaxtella is, so it made sense to try and figure out what his situation was. Of course, we couldn't find a fucking thing, so we just have to unleash this supreme drum & bass mix on you. Featured in this set is new material from Goldie, Klute, Submorphics, Dave Owen, and others, including a Frank Ocean remix from Jaxtella! It's a perfectly thumping mix for those of you who want to vibe out on this Memorial Day.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.


Dave Owen - Breaking Through
Klute - You Won't Like It
Goldie - Prism
ZeroZero - Yellow Funk
Submorphics - Arcata
Goldie & Ulterior Motive - I Adore You
Metrik - We Got It (feat. Rothwell) (S.P.Y Remix)
Skream - You Know, Right? (1991 Bootleg)
Document One - I Tried
Stash - Somehow
Calibre - Enter
Dimension - Generator
SpectraSoul - Second Chance
Submorphics - Lost in the Lights (feat. Christina Tamayo)
Pennygiles - Au Revoir Blackbird!
Frank Ocean - Seigfried (Jaxtella Remix)

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