Street life is all I know...

This past week, my hometown, Trenton, NJ, has been turned into a warzone by members of the Bloods street gang. Now mind you, when you hear about street gangs, you hear about Bloods Vs. Crips. No, we have separate factions of the Bloods warring - the Sex Money Murder Bloods and the Gangster Killer Bloods. In 2 days, 6 people (gangstas AND bystanders) were shot. Rumor is more have been shot today. I've grown up around this all my life, but it wasn't always this bad. And it doesn't always happen around my moms house.

A guy I work with had an interesting theory on this: back in the 80s, when
Crack flooded the streets like 50 Cent mixtapes, this turned the ghetto on its ear. We started seeing the birth of crack babies, or kids born to crack addicted mothers. Now, when you have a crack addicted mother, its more likely that she will leave you with grandma or someone else who will take care of you. Without proper supervision, that crack baby will more than likely turn towards the streets for love and acceptance. Now, when these crack babies have kids, they don't have the proper parenting skills to handle the babies the bring into the world... which leads us to 2006, where these babies of crack babies are turning towards the streets, serving D and having absolutely no respect for street codes or innocent people. Interesting right?

Now look at our media outlets - TV, newspapers, etc. Whenever we see crime, we see the ghetto. We are told that the ghetto is NOT where you want to be (hell, I moved out of there... but I've got kids who need good educations). Without the right parental guidance or proper teaching in the ghetto schools, our children are left to tote shotties and blast off at people who they feel disrespected them.

My main question is, what the fuck are they banging on each other for? I mean, forget for a 2nd that it's mainly Young Black Males who are murking each other on the regular... me killing a member of my gang is just confusing. When do you see Jason Kidd smacking Vince Carter in the face or kicking him in the ass? If you are on a team, you stay a team. You almost NEVER hear about Bloods Vs. Crips these days, and the Latin Kings are just running around doing dirt.

I have no real answers for any of this, just a lot of questions and theories. And the most fucked up part is, most of these kids aren't bad. I mean, peer pressure can be a bitch, especially when some heartless older head is putting a gun in your hand and telling you that you will be a big man if you go rob a corner store, only to end with the young man getting killed by the shop owner. What the fuck is going on in our world?

And don't get me started on this Ignorant Rap shit, the Juelz and Clipse tracks that only speak about cooking cutting and selling weight. At least Jay-Z said he did it and tried to steer kids to do other things. His shit wasn't glorifying, but his life. These niggas these days are just showcasing ignorance for ignorance's sake. That's another post though.

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Anonymous said...

You know, it's just sad. It's crazy in the Northeast but you don't hear about it in other parts of the country. It's all something shady. I mean, I just recently saw Springfield, MA where I grew up on a list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the country and it was at #15!!!! I mean I know it's dangerous but it's the same like you said... the whole crack epidemic. The worst part is, there is the Smith & Wesson headquarters there and you guessed it -- somehow every little shit 8 year old is able to pack heat if he wants. Tell me it is not a coincidence that that S&W building and all of it's property is on the SAME street as my highschool and another one... it's only about a half mile away. Why we spent more times being searched with metal detectors and locker raids because of so much gun problems and we didnt even get books until the END of 9th grade cause education is so low of a priority in the ghetto. That S&W should be fucking quarrantined in the middle of nowhere! There are obviously people leaking guns out to the kids. Sometimes it just seems like lower class families like we were in ghettos as kids are being played out and set up for a shit life unless you're already born rich...