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Roc Raida Injured

While there's been no official word or explanation, the beat on twitter is that Roc Raida is in the hospital, having some kind of spinal surgery - I saw Talib Kweli mention an accident during a karate class? I don't know what the hell is going on with this Summer, I just hope he pulls through - he's truly a Grandmaster, and one of my favorite turntablists, ever. Need some proof?

Roc Raida "X-Men Style Beatz" (from Return Of The DJ, Vol 2)

Here's a collection of instructional videos Roc Raida did with DJVIBE.com.

EDIT (9/19/2009) Roc Raida has died.


Darryl D. Smith said...

Phonte just Tweeted that he passed...RIP

magnafide said...

rest in peace :(
:( :( :(

Don Gaines said...

so did talib...RIP

Anonymous said...

RIP...a true inspiration

Masaro said...

This is my tribute to one of the greatest pioneers of turntablist djing!!
Keep the turntablism culture alive!!