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Daniel Joseph "Gone In 60 Seconds"

Daniel Joseph "Gone In 60 Seconds": Espee just posted this cut on twitter, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you slept on Pretty / Ugly in 2009, don't do the same in 2010. His mixtape should be out today... right?

EDIT Here's some words from D. Jo about comments made on the title of the mixtape (Gone Fishin') and why its not out yet:

Yes, I did Acknowledge the fact that The Cool Kids have a mixtape wit the same name AFTER THE FACT. To anyone thinking I'm "biting" - you have a right to feel that way BUT Judge me on the music and not the name. The (POPULAR TERM) "Gone Fishin" is serving a purpose in the title. We should all know that Cliche Terms are going to be thrown around and shared - unintentionally - in the hip hop world FOREVER. On Another note: The Mixtape was supposed to drop today (New Years Eve) so anyone who was waiting on it - I apologize. Here's another joint from project "Gone in 60" enjoy - Daniel Joseph

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