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Rob Jay Video Rob Is Dead

Been a long time coming, but now Rob Jay's Video Rob Is Dead mixtape is out as a nice FREE mixtape for you fiends during the Holiday season. Dude's a talented MC, and I think if you're skeptical, just download it... you'll definitely be surprised!



1. Intro (Prod. By Jettimasstyr)
2. Franchise Player (Prod. By Jettimasstyr)
3. My Declaration
4. Judge Me
5. I'm The One
6. Progression (Prod. By Jettimasstyr)
7. Rap Phenomenon (Prod. By John Dew)
8. Serious Mistake
9. Put It On Paper
10. Vanessa
11. Old School Flow (Freestyle)
12. Liteswitch (Bonus Track)
13. Facebook (Bonus Track)

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