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Daniel Joseph Gone Fishin'

It's been a minute since we first heard about Daniel Joseph's Gone Fishin' mixtape, and after the pure excellence that is Pretty/Ugly, its good to have a fresh new batch of Espee music for free. It's even better to be the site that helps present this to the world alongside Brainstorm Music...

What's dope is, while I've posted a few of the tracks off this knowing they were on this project, some of this shit I had been rockin' to without knowing they'd make it up here. Pleasant surprises, b/c Daniel has definitely doing his thing behind the scenes. Take a day off, hop on a boat with a 12 pack and ride out to this tape. Features from Neako, Cion (of Brokn.Englsh), Deal - The Villain and St. Joe Louis' Tom Chase, with original beats from the likes of JS Krillz, DJ Priority and Snake Eyes. If you didn't already realize, this is a problem. You gonna stay stuck on sleep?!?!

DOWNLOAD Daniel Joseph Gone Fishin' [mirror]

<a href="http://danieljoseph.bandcamp.com/album/gone-fishin">Bars by Daniel Joseph</a>



Anonymous said...

DOPE! now go guy Pretty/Ugly

RewMec said...

Damn...I know I'm late but this shit goes in. EA...Eeyyoooo!!!!