Noisia "Machine Gun (16bit Remix)"

Noisia "Machine Gun (16bit Remix)": This cut is taken from the forthcoming "Machine Gun" single that Noisia is putting out, prior to the release of Split The Atom. The reason for me throwing this one out there stems from what a likkle birdy told me INRE 16bit fucking over some New Zealand promoters they booked tour dates with. Apparently they didn't show up for last night's gig, nor tonight's and now their dates are being refunded. Damn shame - seems like their stock is rising within the scene and all they can do is rockstar it out? And apparently they did this here in America as well? Bad move, bredren.

EDIT Hmm: "to eryone in NZ we're very sorry tht yu bcum casualties, sometimes yu gotta fight th sharks. we be bk propa, once we got rid o these #backbitingbumbaclarts".... well alright. The plot thickens?

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