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Breez Evahflowin As He Goes In: The Mixtape

Breez Evahflowin hit the Buck 50 Kutter DJs with something like 45 tracks, and asked them to make a mixtape out of them. In under 60 minutes, the Kutters flipped a pretty ill journey out of the tracks used, and really surprised Breez. This is a prelude to Breez's As He Goes On... album, so get reacquainted with one of the more unsung emcees in the game.

DOWNLOAD Breez Evahflowin As He Goes In: The Mixtape


1- Intro - Buck 50 Kutter DJs feat. Carson daily
2- Got Rhymes - Produced by Eric Krasno +
3- I Know Prod by Davey Tree ++
4- Veteran Dave Ghetto feat Breez Evahflowin
5- Matador prod by Twang One *
6- Troublemakers Dirt E. Dutch Remix **
7- Repo Men Feat & prod by Dirt E. Dutch*
8- 120 prod by Khrome
9- Change Gon’ Come prod by & feat Eric Krasno on Guitar +
10- Tryna Hold On Davey Tree Remix +*
11- Get it On prod by B Ski Rocks ^*
12- Fly prod by Juggla ^*
13- Maneuverin Sound Dirt E Dutch Remix **
14- Balance the Sac prod by Donnan Links ^*
15- Best Minds 3rd Party feat Breez
16- Hot 2 Nite prod by Eric Krasno & Adam Dietch +
17- Luck vs Skill prod by Davey Tree ++
18- Disillusioned prod by & feat Eric Krasno on Guitar +
19- Dream prod by DJ Tweak feat Rob Swift
20- Pricipio Rob Swift feat Breez prod by Doctor Butcher
21- Outro Buck 50 Kutter DJs

1. + Mic & the Music EP
2. ++ Breez Deez Treez
3. * Troublemakers
4. ** Troublemakers remixes
5. +* Breez Treez Free
6. ^* FLY


evahflowin said...

Thank you for rockin'
I appreciate it greatly,


Dre' Mayes said...

Peace Respect for the love. We are very grateful. Rock On...

-Dre' Mayes
(Buck 50 Kutter DJs)