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Dave Raps "I Get Doe Freestyle"

Dave Raps "I Get Doe Freestyle": Dave's currently mixing his next mixtape and wanted to leak some ish, so why not beast a massive Glasses Malone track? Nice lil' boast on this one... rock with it. Shouts to Vee Nyce.

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PRchiKA72 said...

xoxox, .. nice .. i been hearing about this guy here and there , i likey DAVE RAPS hehehe ..

BUD_HiGHLiFE said...

[WATCH] ‎..SUBSTANCE SPEAKS VOLUME! ........ DAVE RAPS - HEARTBEATS iNTRO [HQ], OFF THE "YES i DO" MiXTAPE... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3VW9AWmfrA ..... "HiGH LiFE"