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Disc Jockey Nappy - The Thugstep Commission

Here's a mix that should've dropped one way, was going to drop another way, but ended up getting uploaded last night by Nappy. And I'm the nigga presenting it. In any case, here's some THUGSTEP for your weekend. I'll just copy my copy: "Welcome to the beginning of the next chapter in the Book of Thugstep. A movement spawned by a Lil Jon acapella and a smirk has now ignited a number of scenes, and no one knows this sound better than its architect, Jersey's own DJ Nappy. With hundreds of his own refixes under his belt, and the majority of 2011 spent cultivating projects, mixes and plotting the next phase, Nappy is chronicling the Thugstep movement as we see it. This first peek is his most captivating mix of the year, bringing the familiar Hip-Hop and dubstep originals from the likes of Wale, ASAP Rocky and Yelawolf along with refixes from the cream of the crop, including Wick-It, DZ, Nick Catchdubs and himself, Nappy weaves from sound to sound, genre to genre, like no one else has been. Welcome to The Thugstep Commission". Shouts to Definate for the artwork.

EDIT Looks like ClubTapes picked up on this. Currently at 10K views.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - The Thugstep Commission

The Thugstep Commission (Mixed By Disc Jockey Nappy) by Disc Jockey Nappy


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