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Wiley "Cheer Up, It's Christmas"

Nice little Grime-y Christmas bit for you sullen folk, yeah? I got put on to this one last week, but I figured I'd drop this today. I used to be on this level, especially when I was in more of my depressive stages, but really, if you've got family, you should get in the spirit. Not even for the bullshit consumerism. You need to get up with your family and have some good times. Or if you don't have family, do something to cheer yourself up. One day out the year, please. Cheer up, it's Christmas. Bitch. Hell, this is taken from Wiley's Evolve Or Be Extinct, which drops on January 19th. Pre-order that shit. It's Christmas.

DOWNLOAD Wiley "Cheer Up, It's Christmas"
Wiley - Cheer Up, It's Christmas by Big Dada Sound

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