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Emcee Jermaine "Rap Casserole"

Wild how the world runs, isn't it? Back in May of 2010, I got introduced to Emcee Jermaine, who was hosting the Hip Hop Karaoke night in Trenton. That night, I not only had a dope conversation with dude, but heard a track of his entitled "The Anti-Anthem", and was instantly a fan. Over the last year and change, we'd kept in touch, and always managed to run into each other in and around the city. He had been talking about an album he wanted to release, prefaced by an EP that I am lucky enough to be dropping digitally tomorrow, entitled Jermaine's EP, which features "The Anti-Anthem", "The Crazy 88" and this cut, "Rap Casserole".

See, Jermaine and I were cut from the same cloth, and I don't hesitate to recognize how KRS-like his music feels to me. Take "Rap Casserole". We've heard cats compare Hip-Hop (and other things) to food. But with the consciousness that Jermaine eschews, I don't think I've heard an extended comparison between good and bad food and good and bad Rap in this manner. Over a funky, throwback track, Jermaine conjures up many examples of the benefits of good Hip-Hop and good nutrition. As with any of his tracks, he blends wit and knowledge with his skill for penning acrobatic bars. It's edutainment for a new age. And one of the stand-out cuts from the EP.

Jermaine's "Crazy 88" was featured in Steady Bloggin's "Overlooked Gems From 2011" compilation for Passion of the Weiss, and has been performing around the tri-state whenever he's able to. A release party for his EP should be going down soon, as well as a video for "The Crazy 88". Grab the EP, holler at Jermaine and thank him for staying true to the game. He didn't even have to curse.

DOWNLOAD Emcee Jermaine "Rap Casserole"

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Steez Diamante said...

This is a dope EP, support! http://tinyurl.com/JermainesEP