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RIP dubplatedigest.net

I guess it was bound to happen. I'd been getting DMCA violations periodically for my Drum & Bass blog, dubplatedigest.net, primarily due to posting BBC 1Xtra radio shows from guys like Bailey and Crissy Criss. They would come in every now and again - the last one before the most recent was from November of last year. I'm never sure WHY the takedowns occur - they reference a particular show, but I believe it's because of a particular song, not the actual show, because I post these up WEEKLY and never caught any flack (not that I can tell - any search I do on Chilling Effects pulls up nothing on the links I was given, a practice I've seen numerous times) (and any flack I would get - say a DJ asking for a post to come down - would be handled quickly). Thing is, due to these violations, Blogger ganked the entire blog. Even odder, the URL was due for renewal later this month, so I guess that's $50 I'm not spending!

That's right, I'm not resurrecting or bringing back the DnB blog. Everything will just be consolidated into RTD. Back when I started DPD in 2006, I did it as a way to find some kind of DnB news hub, as I felt the EDM community's DnB press was lacking, and tried to fix it. It ended up being more of a hub for forthcoming tracks, upfront mixes and videos, but in that time I also started working my way up the content side of Dogs On Acid, so really, there's no need for the site. I feel bad, because I had a dedicated group of people checking the site daily, and a good batch of posts on there. Charge it to the Internets.

On the good side, I won't STOP posting about Drum & Bass - hell, I throw the odd bit up on this site now! Thing is, I WON'T be posting those DnB radio shows in particular, but they are around. Keeping my nose clean in that regard. Plus, the blog kind of got me into the mode to working at DOA, so it's pretty much a non-issue. End of the day, I'm sad to see the site gone - I had some ISH up there - but it takes a bit of weight off my shoulders, and I can further roll more DnB (one of my true passions) into RTD!

RIP DPD - Long Live DPD!


ChynoD said...

I'm so sorry to see the site go. I would check that blog on the reg and even put some of my people's up on it. Please continue to post some jungle videos and d'n'b mixes as well as hot, new trax. I need my daily fix of drum and bass and thank you so MUCH for keepin' it runnin' for the last six years. Here's to the next six and beyond! Let's keep rollin' with the bangers for the junglist movement. You da man, Khal!

Matty said...

This is so jokes your trying to share a get the word out about drum and bass within the community and get taken down due to some honchos at record companies is doing nothing to promo dnb :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that mate... I was wondering why the link was dead when launching from my favourites.

Cheers for the blog - one of the better ones over the years, I got into some top artists and music via DPD.

AndyC (not that one)

Anonymous said...

Wow... was surprised to come up on a dead page for my (near) daily dubplatedigest check. Really enjoyed the site, thanks for the effort.

What does everyone recommend as an alternative?

FortyHertzMuzik said...

This is very bad news... Why we can spread the word about forthcomming releases, fresh mixes and shows? I can't understand...
Anyway, Forty Hertz Muzik team with you, khal.

Anonymous said...

This is really sucks :( You always had the freshest news and sets. Never even needed to go anywhere else. I really appreciate all the time and effort you spent in putting it all up!

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see this down :-( I'm a frequent user of ya site from down her in New Zealand. Hard to bbc one mixes otherwise. Site will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the effort you put in

Anonymous said...

Such a shame. Was one of the few sites I bothered to check daily. DPD must have done more good for producers/labels than harm...

Oh well, keep up the good work I guess.

Anonymous said...

Just realized what had happened with it...TBH, I'm totally bummed out because I really didn't have a need to visit many other sites (because I could always count on DubplateDigest.net for something of quality to listen to).

Thanks for the time it was up and running! It was great.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your services to D&B with DPD. Will be missed as probably one of the only sites that covered all D&B genres in one location. Looking forward to seeing what you do with RTD. Rock on!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Khal...im sorry to see DD go ...

rom said...

Thanks for all your effort! DPD was a regular spot for me, and you were super cool the few times I spoke to you over email - you even posted one of my mixes! :D

I guess I'll have to start updating the subspacestudios blog more regularly now :)


kiki said...

Definitely sad to hear this. I used your site to help me with finding out what was out there for me to post on my blog. You always had so much to chose from and were the first site I would check out for new mixes to listen to since I don't really have time to write in my blog anymore. Sorry to see you go. :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you man for all of your effort, was the place I came to for the freshest mixes and release updates. Gave a wider variety to the masses not just jump up slagginess but a bit of neuro/ tech noise too :P ... Big ups for all your hard work. Im proper gutted to be fair

DJ Eats said...


The Copyright law is so oldschool! How much has changed even in the last 5 years in terms of technology and distribution!

OUT OF FEAR - they are stopping their music from reaching people and the right people at that!

Dubplate Digest was the biggest promo for DnB! Not just the mainstream crap but a good overall dose of the real goodness.

I got so many good leads to tracks from it and
now they killed it and they killing themselves and its so, so sad.

Oh the fear they must live in, it must be hard to not be able to realise that you need to be able to hear the music to be able to like it, buy it, and be a fan.

In todays world where we get bombarded by so much media, record companies should relish the chance of being featured and reaching the right crowd.

Truly saddened by the music industry at the moment. So many better ways to do this people!

Open your eyes! Embrace it and take avantage of the ways people use the digital tools given to them.


It's an attitude that I hope dies soon so that the music industry can really come to fruition alongside our modern communication and distribution channels.

The future is bright but to get there we need to fight through this and find better ways to do things, not worse.

So emotional right now! Sorry for rant, but I am really hurt by this and so is DNB!

Wackness at its primo! This was all about music! No flashy shit, just the realness!

Lets live for a holistic future.