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Lyle Horowitz - A Good Clean Fight

A Good Clean Fight symbolizes a lot, all at once.

Stories about the fight to stay in a relationship, stay sober and stay focused are weaved in with songs that take the more literal implication of the album title to create a body of work that's as personal as it is conceptual.

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001. A Good Clean Intro
002. Silencio featuring Deniro Farrar
003. Knockout (Interlude)
004. Bad Humor featuring ComPL3xX
005. Ric Flair featuring Genesys
006. Hurt Me featuring Sinceezy
007. Problems featuring Clever Tom & Pepperboy
008. The Set-Up (Interlude)
009. Black Dress (Well Dressed) featuring King Beamon
010. On A Pale Horse featuring Lewis

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