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The Combat Jack Show (8/22/2012)

This week's Combat Jack Show is here, and their two-year anniversary edition, Memphis Bleek is the special guest: "In this candid and in-depth interview with M-Easy we discuss the rise, fall and “stumble” of Rocafella Records, his role in the Nas vs. Jay “beef” and much, much more. Is Bleek done with rap? What’s his current relationship with Jay? As always we got you covered". Dallas Penn is in the building as well, and while I haven't gone through the entire episode yet, this episode carries the following disclaimer: "The views and opinions expressed by Premium Pete (@PremiumPete) in this episode are those of Premium Pete and do not reflect the actions of the rest of the Combat Jack Show or PNC Radio, staff and its affiliates. As much as we love Premium Pete, we strongly encourage you NOT to re-enact what your gonna hear in real-life situations". #Newmanati #GetReadyForCombat



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