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Allow me to indulge some non-music shit right now. I mean, if you allow me to live-blog life right now, I'm on my third glass of wine today after putting up like 90% of my Christmas decorations after a chill Thanksgiving holiday break. I've been consuming comics with a rabid appetite for the last three years, re-reading Deadpool's first solo series, among a fuckload of other Deadpool-related books. I get my nerd on from time to time, and instead of waiting for/making conversations on twitter about Marvel books, I figured I'd take this fucking pedastal of free thought I've nurtured and, well, feed it summo. Subject? The "Marvel NOW!" version of Deadpool.

Trust, fuck you when you think you know more about Wade Wilson/Deadpool than I. You ain't identifying with what the hell he's gone through, and how he copes with his life. No, I don't have cancer, but I get it. And if you aren't understanding Daniel Way's interpretation of Deadpool, I get it. Way is a "now" writer, in terms of being able to stay in line with what his bosses might look for/need and still being able to get his shit off. He had an obvious vision with Deadpool: dude's a depressed psychopath, of course, but he wanted to be Dudley Do Right. He wanted to be a hero, but he had this engrained path of violence that he put himself on, for many reasons.

The thing is, at the end of Way's run, we were at a weird transition period: Way had Wade lose his healing factor, dealing with the idea that he could die! For a character that's been driven insane BECAUSE he couldn't die, who ended up living his life reckless and in his own head because WTF, he had no other choice, the fact that his healing factor was stripped opened up a lot! I wasn't particularly happy with the chance, but I welcome differences in my comics. I like seeing them overcome obstacles. I also wondered how Way would bring Wade back. Of course, we get a fucking cliffhanger "oh yeah, I got it back," then a fucking new staff! With Presidential zombies!

That's right, Marvel NOW! has recalibrated a number of main Marvel titles, and Deadpool is in the fold. And while he's got some talented writers behind the title, who I think can bring the comedic side of Deadpool with no problem (hell, one of the best parts about Wade Wilson is that the comedy is so easy to bring out), I am wondering how well these two can bring the serious/depressive side. We see that Deadpool is grotesque again, so his healing factor is back. He's already survived gunshots to the dome with no worry. But what the fuck? Why don't we get some kind of continuity? At least a few humorous panels pandering to those of us who followed 60+ issues of the last series?!?!!

Seriously, I'm the asshole who will go see the Deadpool feature film alone, because no one else in my family is about Deadpool like that. I'm the one who rides for Wade Wilson as his favorite, having to defend him in heated nerdboy arguments about why he needs x amount of series. I'm the Hip-Hop loving fanboy loving his "Terminator X-it!" references. Seriously. Where do I stand? Did I get jerked around for $$$? I hope not.

Marvel, hear me out: I hope there's an issue coming up soon where we get to see where Deadpool ended up from the end of Way's run to now. Throw your boy a bone. I'll buy some trades. Trust me, I'm good for it at some point. Just give me some closure; let me know that I didn't waste most of my time following some of those arcs.


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