Don Speaks ft. Ne$$ & Fat Tony "Sixteen Tons"

I know, I know—it's been hard to keep up with RTD when DAD takes up so much of my time, but this blog isn't dead. The way most people act, though, you'd think my email wasn't in use anymore. Not Donwill. He's been doing his thing in a number of different lanes, and one thing I had seen a week or so ago was that he's linked up with Dash Speaks for a special project, Don Speaks, an eight-track EP that you can pre-order, like, right now. Word is you can get it for free via Facebook for one week only, but you ain't hear that from me.

You have to love "Sixteen Tons," though. Three "indie" cats going all kinds of bananas, ham, and nuts over a meaty beat that contains a 68-year-old sample. No happy joy joy times in here, though; this is aggressive turn up, but not on some drunken dumb shit. Intelligent turn up. Look, we'll work on the title, but this bangs like a motherfucker. Preview below.


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